'Outlander' Season 6 Is Officially In Production

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'Outlander' Season 6 Is Officially In Production

The day has finally come — Outlander Season 6 is in production. In a new interview with Elle.com, showrunner Matthew B. Roberts gave a preview of Outlander Season 6, and while filming protocols have certainly adjusted to the current environment, it seems that the show will stay true to itself, global pandemic or not.

Scotland's Daily Record reported in January that Outlander spent more than $200,000 (£150,000) on a private COVID testing facility in the parking lot of its Scotland-based studio, Wardpark Film and Television Studios. "We had to figure out how to make sure we tested everybody a million times before they walked onto set and keep that bubble as safe as possible," Roberts told Elle.com. "That was our main focus —making sure everybody feels safe walking onto a set in the studios and locations."

Now that Outlander has found a way to keep Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, and the rest of the cast and crew safe, Season 6 is finally in action. Here's everything that the team behind Outlander has released about Season 6 so far.

How COVID Will Impact Scenes

Despite jokes from Heughan that his love scenes with Balfe would have to be two meters apart, Outlander's signature intimate scenes — physical or emotional — aren't going anywhere. "I didn't want me or the staff changing what the story is for COVID," Roberts said. "We have a lot of intimate scenes — that's where we live and breathe." So the writers wrote the scripts without COVID in mind and then, the team would work with production on making logistical adjustments as necessary. "We said, 'Okay, this scene can't happen like this. If we did this, this, and this, then we can make it happen,'" Roberts said.

Group scenes, on the other hand, will be where COVID's presence on Outlander may be the most felt. "We put a lot of people in scenes, and keeping everybody safe is paramount," Roberts said. "We've tried to limit the amount of SAs (supporting artists), and we're trying to utilize visual effects."

Roberts noted that every season, "Outlander has a big event and we're still planning that event." (Flora MacDonald's barbecue at River Run?) For those scenes, Roberts said, "We'll film [the background extras] at a separate time, [then] put it all together in post, and it's seamless." And even though Outlander normally uses "real extras," Roberts noted they can also utilize "digital people" in the "deep, deep background," as they did with the Battle of Alamance.

The Set

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Outlander has shared a video that features the costumes, props, and sets. Fraser's Ridge is continuing to grow and one notable new establishment is a church — as Angus' Angels on Twitter pointed out this could possibly be confirming a major Roger plot point from A Breath of Snow and Ashes. (Outlander Homepage pointed out that the set could also be Tom Christie's school.) Starz also shared a photo of Heughan and Balfe riding in a wagon together... it's the little things!

The First Episode's Title

The Starz preview showed that the first Season 6 episode is called, "Echoes." Roberts told Elle.com it has nothing to do with Book 7, An Echo in the Bone. "When you see the first episode, the title will speak for itself," he said. "Each character will be dealing with something from their past and it will help us tell stories going forward." And considering he confirmed that there won't be a big time jump from the events of the Season 5 finale, Claire's "echo" will most likely have to do with her recent capture and sexual assault.

"Revolution" Is A Theme

The American Revolution is coming and Roberts said, "I think what's going on in the world at the time, 1775, is really similar to what's going on with Jamie and Claire." He continued, "There's going to be a revolution with them as well, and I think that's what's going on throughout the season: You have a foundation and when that foundation is shaken and there is a revolution, you have to deal with it. That's kind of the theme of the season."

He's most likely talking about how confirmed new character Malva Christie will have an impact on Jamie and Claire's relationship, so prepare accordingly.

The Cast Updates

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With the news out in the open, the cast can finally share behind-the-scenes moments on social media. And Marsali actor Lauren Lyle got on it immediately, sharing a photo of her onscreen hubby César Domboy in front of a ginormous wagon wheel. She also teased, "babies, drama," so could this mean Henri-Christian will definitely be in Season 6?

Lizzie actor Caitlin O'Ryan also shared a striking photo of the Scotland... err, American... night sky from filming. Even seeing the glorious natural world of Outlander without any potential clues is a breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile Rankin joked about not getting the memo that Season 6 is back at it. But his fellow lead stars Heughan, Balfe, and Skelton celebrated the news. So with the news that Outlander is officially back in action and the cast and crew able to share more details, Droughtlander just got a whole less droughty.


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