The Jemmy Doll On 'Outlander' Is Guaranteed To Haunt Your Nightmares

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The Jemmy Doll On 'Outlander' Is Guaranteed To Haunt Your Nightmares

An Outlander birthday celebration ruined by a creature from the depths of hell. In honor of Lizzie actor Caitlin O'Ryan's birthday, Ronnie Sinclair actor Paul Donnelly shared a photo from the Outlander set. Though the Instagram post was intended to be a sort of birthday present, it was in actuality nightmare fuel. Because the photo revealed that the twin actors who play Jemmy on Outlander have turned into a creepy doll.

OK, excuse the exaggeration. Because even though Outlander can get scary (think of the house of horrors that the Beardsley cabin was), it's not Annabelle or The Boy... even if the Jemmy doll is giving off Chucky vibes. Instead, this very terrifying doll must have been standing in for the incredibly adorable Andrew and Matthew Adair twins. Child labor laws, TV magic, safety, etc., etc. But that doesn't mean you'll be able to unsee Doll Jemmy's cold, unblinking eyes staring into your soul.

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Sure the photo is fun and all with O'Ryan making Doll Jemmy give the V sign... an amusing symbol for fuck off over on that side of the pond. But Outlander fans can't even get Season 6 intel from this photo since it looks like the behind-the-scenes snap is from Season 5 (based on the size of the Jemmy doll and his traveling through the stones outfit). And so your laugh comes at the price of being haunted by this possessed doll until at least Season 6 premieres.

Just be grateful that this Jemmy's face never appeared like this on-screen during Outlander Season 5 — unlike another horrifying book-to-screen child... Renesmee.

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Sleep tight until 2022! He's watching you...


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Images: Paul Donnelly/Instagram

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