The Tangled 'Outlander' Family Tree Would Stump Even The Most Expert Genealogists

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The Tangled 'Outlander' Family Tree Would Stump Even The Most Expert Genealogists

People may disappear all the time, but then they also pop up all the time in the Outlander universe. And more times than expected, these people are strangely related to one another. Because the Outlander family tree is a pretty twisted one.

One of the reasons Jamie and Claire's genealogical roots are so complicated is due to the time-travel factor... doesn't really have the functionality to add a 200-year-old baby to your family tree. But while people like to blame Claire for a lot of things, she's far from the only reason for people getting married to distant relatives. Even the 18th-century mores of cousins marrying cousins doesn't account for all that.

The real person to blame is author Diana Gabaldon and the labyrinthine story she has created. In her books and on her website, Gabaldon has provided even more familial fodder on characters like Fergus and Master Raymond, leading to some theories about who else Claire could possibly be related to. However, I've only included the most gnarled family trees based on the history depicted so far on the TV adaptation.

I'm no Henry Louis Gates, Jr., so my family trees may not follow official genealogist guidelines. But that's what happens when you play in tree branches as tangled as these. I present to you the wildest family trees of Outlander.

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