Jem's Biological Father On 'Outlander' Could Be Revealed In Season 6 If Sophie Skelton's Instagram Is Any Proof

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Jem's Biological Father On 'Outlander' Could Be Revealed In Season 6 If Sophie Skelton's Instagram Is Any Proof

When I first saw Sophie Skelton's Instagram post of one of the child actors who plays Bree's son Jemmy on Outlander, my first response was (what else?) an audible, awww. But there was no time to bask in the adorableness... it was time to go into detective mode. Because, as I desperately seek for clues in every one of the casts' social media posts, I wondered if this was a sign that Outlander will reveal Jem's paternity in Season 6. Spoilers ahead for Outlander Book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Skelton's slew of Season 6 set posts from April 22 onward have been a delightful treat in Droughtlander. She has shared selfies with her onscreen hubby Richard Rankin (shadowy figures and full face) and her beauty secrets in the makeup trailer. But her photo of Jem particularly stood out — and again, not solely because of the cuteness quotient. It's because wee, sword-swinging Jemmy is wearing a modern hat in the photo. And if you know the events of Diana Gabaldon's books, then you know Jemmy's head is the key to the family figuring out who his biological father is.

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In A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Jemmy gets lice and they have to shave his head. While this is just a normal (and disgusting) part of life with children in any century, it leads to a happy realization. With his shaved head, they discover he has a mole behind his left ear. Roger mentions he has the same thing, which Claire informs them is often a hereditary trait. The assumption is that this mark means that Jemmy is indeed Roger's biological son and not Stephen Bonnet's. (And if you still doubt his paternity, Gabaldon confirmed in a Facebook comment that Roger is Jemmy's biological dad, h/t Alexandria Ingham on FanSided's Claire and Jamie page.) It goes without saying that Roger is Jemmy's father no matter the circumstances surrounding how he was conceived. But it's still something of a relief for the family to get this confirmation.

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