Looks Like Roger Will Be Helping Amy McCallum In 'Outlander' Season 6 Based On This New Preview

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Looks Like Roger Will Be Helping Amy McCallum In 'Outlander' Season 6 Based On This New Preview

Roger Mac is an intelligent and decent man. But even smart, well-meaning people can make mistakes. And it seems that Roger will help new character Amy McCallum in Outlander... perhaps to his detriment. A preview for Outlander Season 6 shows an unnamed woman that Roger is comforting after she's moved to Fraser's Ridge. And book readers know that this woman can be one woman and one woman only — Amy McCallum. Book spoilers ahead.

The preview shared on Feb. 16 shows quite a few familiar faces living on the Ridge, like the Bugs (even if Arch and Murdina were barely noticeable in Season 5) and Lizzie and the Beardsley twins (I'll get back to those three in a minute). But there's also Jessica Reynolds's Malva and then this unidentified character. She asks Roger, "Why has God brought me here?" He tells her she must trust in God's plan and that, "It's not such a terrible place... and it doesn't rain as much as it does in Scotland," to which she laughs with a little bit of relief.

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The woman looks like the same woman who was holding a baby with Marsali in a photo from the Season 6 premiere. So I feel quite confident saying that it's Amy McCallum, who was introduced in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. (The Richard Rankin fan account, The Rank and File, agrees.) And that does stress book readers out a just a tiny bit because of what happens with Roger's relationship with Amy in Book 6. (For what it's worth, I'm not even going to get into what happens with Amy in future books because... well, if you know, you know.)

Roger doesn't cheat on Brianna or anything (heaven forbid!). But as he tries to find his place in the past, he spends a little too much time with the recently-widowed Amy of the Fisher-folk. Her husband died on the Ridge shortly after moving from Scotland, leaving her with two young children. So Roger helps her set up a home and is something of a father-figure to her older son, Aidan. Unfortunately, the people on the Ridge start gossiping that Roger's having an affair with Amy and Bree gets understandably a bit peeved.

Amy for sure appreciates his kindness and it leads Roger to find his purpose of becoming a minister, so this plot isn't all that bad. But poor TV Roger has really gotten the shaft when it comes to certain storylines — where you might sympathize with him while reading the books, he often comes off like a jerk on the show. So while this misunderstanding should be resolved relatively quickly without causing too much of a strain on his marriage to Bree, I'm still uneasy about the whole thing... especially as the clips do make it seem like Amy may mistake Roger's kindness for something more.

Again, Roger isn't interested in Amy, so he and Bree will (eventually) be A-OK this season. But speaking of people being interested in each other, Lizzie was for sure getting flirty with Kezzie, who seemingly has recovered from his hearing loss (unless she's confused the two brothers). So that looks like another book storyline that might make it into Season 6 too. And even if these moments might annoy or scandalize Outlander fans for a hot minute, I certainly won't complain since it looks like Season 6 will be giving book fans some Ridge content they've been craving.

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