We really should hate Schmidt

I love the guy (though Winnie will always be my favorite), but on subsequent rewatches, it always surprises me how bad his behavior was — and how much we let him get away with it.

1. First and foremost, THE CHEATING. Since when do we cheer on a relationship with a foundation based on infidelity? It's crazy that we all forget that whole Cece-Elizabeth-Schmidt stuff.

2. The fact that he actively tried to break up Jess and Nick after people found out he was cheating. Legit, dude turned into a villain for 2-3 episodes.

3. The 2016 election episode is always ROUGH to watch.

Yet, we love him. What's the deal? Is it that the writing (seasons 5-7 aside) was that good? Or are there just so many episodes that we just forgot?