Schmidt should have ended up with Elizabeth

I know that Cece and Schmidt have some great moments together throughout the series, but I'm a bit frustrated that they ended up being a OTP. First of all, the basis of Schmidt's crush on Cece comes from his early douchebaggery — quite simply, she was a model that he wanted to sleep with. Then, once they actually get together, Schmidt cheats on Cece (and Elizabeth). That mistake seems to have few consequences in the future relationship — not only do they get back together, but there never seems to be any trust conversation between them. It's almost as if we all pretended Schmidt never cheated on her.

I know we're supposed to think that each helped the other grow — Cece became a business owner, and Schmidt put aside his own career for family — but I feel like Schmidt ending up with Elizabeth would have shown REAL growth. Fat Schmidt had a lot of heart; he didn't become an asshole until he got skinny and felt he deserved a model. (Holy incel!) Schmidt ending up with Elizabeth, and thus embracing his past self, seems to me a better growth storyline.

I think ultimately, Cece and Schmidt was a union of convenience. Meaning, they were both there, and both needing storylines, so might as well put them together. I'm not denying there was chemistry there, but it just doesn't seem like the RIGHT end to me.