Nail salon tv shows & movies

OK this is random, but I was at the nail salon this past weekend and they had on (on mute) Sweet Magnolias, the seemingly very earnest show on Netflix starring JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Brooke Elliot and more. I've never seen the show but ended up watching a couple episodes (with subtitles) while getting my nails done and I'm... intrigued? Has anyone watched it? Thoughts?

Beyond Sweet Magnolias and their affinity for margaritas, it got me thinking about Nail Salon Viewing. This is a very specific type of TV show and movie — something you don't need to know anything about but can pick up on pretty quickly. It's a How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, or a Sweet Home Alabama... or supposedly a Sweet Magnolias! It's ambient viewing but not in the GBBO kind of way, if that makes sense. And I don't think soaps work either, too complicated.

Has anyone else noticed this? What are some shows/movies that just put you at peace when getting your nails done? Have you ever gotten hooked from one of these shows/movies to the point where you had to go home and finish it?