Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Celebrate Their Favorite Scottish-Made Things Ahead Of 'Men In Kilts'

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Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Celebrate Their Favorite Scottish-Made Things Ahead Of 'Men In Kilts'

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish's roadtrip through Scotland in Men in Kilts is all about embracing the history, landscape, food, and culture of their homeland. So ahead of the premiere, the Men in Kilts stars shared their favorite Scottish movies and TV, along with music and literature, in a new video. And despite one glaring omission, maybe you'll be inspired to watch, read, or listen to some of this non-Outlander-related Scottish art.

Although Heughan is always good for a whisky recommendation, he and McTavish keep their one-minute discussion of Scottish culture focused on a little more than booze this time around. Whether you've already done a deep dive into Scotland's art scene or strictly stick to Outlander, here are Heughan and McTavish's recs.

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Favorite Movie

McTavish: Local Hero

This 1983 movie comes from Scottish filmmaker Bill Forsyth (Gregory's Girl) and features Burt Lancaster and Peter Capaldi. A Texas oil executive goes to the Highlands to build a refinery and falls in love with the town. Not exactly a WWII nurse travels back in time in the Highlands, but still a fish-out-of-water-in-the-Highlands situation. You can pay to rent Local Hero on Amazon Prime.

Heughan: Highlander

There can be only one when it comes to Heughan's favorite Scottish movie. Highlander does sound an awful lot like Outlander — and it even features some time-jumping — but don't expect this Sean Connery film from 1986 to be anything like Outlander. The film is available for free with an Amazon Prime membership, as well as on other streaming options like Peacock and Tubi.

Favorite Literature

Heughan: Robert (Rabbi) Burns

After celebrating Burns Night on Jan. 25, there was no other author that Heughan could choose than Scotland's national poet Robert Burns. Burns's work is what reunited Jamie and Claire in Season 3 since Jamie was using an anachronistic quote from "The Author's Earnest Cry And Prayer" when he printed, "Freedom an' whisky gang thegither!" Plus, Heughan offers the very true fact that the 18th-century bard traveled to space.

Favorite Bands

McTavish & Heughan: Simple Minds

Most famous for their song "Don't You (Forget About Me)," which was featured in The Breakfast Club, Simple Minds was formed in Glasgow in 1977 and continue to rock on today. Even Heughan and McTavish could agree on this one.

Runner-Up: Belle & Sebastian

Heughan pushed McTavish to name another band — "the old ones you liked" — in a bit seeming to mock McTavish's older age. But Heughan named Belle & Sebastian, an indie group that was also formed in Glasgow like Simple Minds... but one that didn't release their first album until 1996. Perhaps McTavish's laughing so hard because Belle & Sebastian isn't an "older" group (even if they have been together for 20 years). But as someone who has seen the band play live in the U.S., I demand to know what's so funny.

Favorite TV Show

Heughan: Men in Kilts

Can you believe that Heughan didn't name Outlander as his favorite Scottish TV series?! (Well, yes, considering this promo is for Men in Kilts.) But as he specified that it's a TV show "made in Scotland, produced in Scotland, has Scottish stories," and Outlander has been set (though not filmed) in America for the past two seasons, I guess I'll let it slide. Meanwhile, McTavish was too modest (read: too mortified by Heughan's shameless plug) to answer.

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While there are plenty of other Scottish movies, literature, music, and TV, think of this as your Scottish starter-pack ahead of all the knowledge that McTavish and Heughan will drop when Men in Kilts premieres on Starz on Feb. 14.


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