The 'Men In Kilts' Trailer Teases The "Trip Of A Lifetime" For Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish

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The 'Men In Kilts' Trailer Teases The "Trip Of A Lifetime" For Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish

Ever dreamed of spending Valentine's Day with Jamie Fraser? Well, that isn't such a distant chimera this year, as Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish's new travel series, Men in Kilts, is set to premiere on Feb. 14 on Starz.

Along with the release date, the hotly anticipated trailer for the Outlander stars' docuseries exploring Scotland was also released. In the trailer, we see McTavish and Heughan discuss behind-the-scenes memories of filming the drama series in Scotland, just like they teased in their complementary book to the show, Clanlands. "We've spent a lot of time here obviously shooting Outlander," Heughan recalls in the clip. And McTavish seconds that, saying, "What is portrayed in the show is truthful in many ways," well, except for the whole time travel thing.

This "trip of a lifetime" also places the focus on Scotland's food, music, and history as benchmarks for how McTavish and Heughan traverse through Scotland. They munch on Scottish seafood, sword dance, and learn about the Highland Games. While they joke that this is the story of "two men who know nothing," we can guess that by the time the series wrapped, this "roadtrip with Sam and Graham" teaches them a little something about their dear homeland.

While the first season has yet to even premiere, McTavish told Dipp reporter, Caitlin Gallagher late last year that he and Heughan are already preparing for where they'd like to travel should the series get another season (or four.)

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