14 Times The ‘Outlander’ Cast Worked Together Outside Of The Starz Show

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14 Times The ‘Outlander’ Cast Worked Together Outside Of The Starz Show

Even with Outlander covering two continents and 200 hundred years, the story proves it's a small world after all with characters bumping into each other throughout space and time. The incestuousness isn't limited to the Starz show either with many of the Outlander actors working together outside of the TV series.

Whether it's Jamie and Claire actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe or others who appeared as smaller roles in Scotland or North Carolina, here are 14 other times the Outlander cast shared the screen.

1. Rosie Day, Laura Donnelly, & Sam Heughan: Heart Of Lightness

The indie Heart of Lightness is a nice three-for-one deal since Sam Heughan acted opposite his Outlander sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly) and Frank's ancestor Mark Hawkins (Rosie Day). Apparently, Heughan is a pretty decent costar since both Donnelly and Hawkins credited Heughan with helping them land their Outlander parts since he had just gotten the role of Jamie himself when he went to film Heart of Lightness.

2. Ed Speleers & Gary Lewis: Eragon

The Stephen Bonnet actor had his first big break in the 2006 fantasy film Eragon. Eragon and his dragon Saphira meet up with Gary Lewis' Hrothgar toward the end of this doomed film franchise. While they were allies in Eragon, no doubt Colum MacKenzie would not have approved of Bonnet's behavior.

3. Sam Heughan & Gary Lewis: First Light

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