The Best Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Friendship Moments From ‘Outlander’ & Beyond

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The Best Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Friendship Moments From ‘Outlander’ & Beyond

Jamie Fraser may have had a wee bit of a fraught relationship with his uncle Dougal MacKenzie on Outlander, but in real life, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish's friendship is still going strong — ever after Heughan's character murdered McTavish's back in Season 2 (it was self-defense!).

The two actors are taking their bromance on the road for their upcoming Starz docuseries Men in Kilts, where they're set to travel the Scottish countryside together. They even wrote a corresponding book about their adventures called Clanlands, which comes out Nov. 3.

In honor of their latest collaboration, there's no better time to outline some of the greatest friendship moments between Outlander costars Heughan and McTavish.

When They Bonded Over Their Love Of Cheese

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According to their Twitter exchange, the pair was discussing a spinoff (working title: Dougal and Jamie's Cheese Club) even before Outlander premiered. The show-that-should-very-much-still-happen-please was inspired by a night out with Caitriona Balfe and others where McTavish learned Heughan loved cheese as much as him... the foundation of a beautiful friendship.

When McTavish Called Heughan "A Lovely Man"

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During the panel following the Outlander premiere at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, McTavish shared some kind words about his costar with the audience. McTavish proclaimed, "Sam is very modest, but he is Jamie. He is. He is a thoroughly decent, kind, and lovely man." Seems we're not the only ones smitten with Sam.

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