Graham McTavish On His Favorite ‘Men In Kilts’ & ‘Clanlands’ Memories With Sam Heughan

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Graham McTavish On His Favorite ‘Men In Kilts’ & ‘Clanlands’ Memories With Sam Heughan

While most Outlander fans would love to be a fly on a wall when Graham McTavish and Sam Heughan hang out, such sneaky surveillance is no longer necessary. The Outlander stars are giving everyone access to their Scottish road trip through their book Clanlands, the companion audiobook, and their upcoming TV series Men in Kilts. Over a Zoom video call in November, McTavish spoke to me about some of the most memorable moments from the whole road trip experience and what to look out for from him and Heughan when Men in Kilts hits Starz.

"I guess I hadn't fully appreciated the lengths that Sam would go to in order to put me in peril, really, and just mess with me," McTavish tells me about his "mischievous" Outlander nephew-turned-friend. "Which is great. It got me out of my comfort zone."

McTavish living life outside his comfort zone was well documented in Clanlands, which topped The New York Times Best Seller list in both the hardcover nonfiction and combined print and e-book nonfiction categories the week of Nov. 22. The book follows them as they tour historical locations in their shared home country of Scotland. It's a mix of history class, travel book, Outlander trivia, and buddy comedy as the actors go on some adventures... and tease the hell out of one another along the way.

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