What's wrong with Shayne? Like, what is going on there.

Shayne on Love Is Blind is a complicated character. At first, we hated him. He couldn't remember what girl he was talking to, he gaslit Natalie, he played the victim and made her apologize to him, and was overall, just an off-putting man who seemingly refused to blink. (I saw someone describe him as a man who has just seen a ghost but can't tell you he did, and that is accurate.) We all thought he and Shaina would get engaged and we'd love to hate them. But that didn't happen.

Somehow, he woo'd Natalie with his ... energy? She says on screen that she was attracted to his high-frequency energy because she's more down tempo herself, and well, I suppose I can buy that. Their time in Mexico was weird. The editing made it seem like Natalie negged him a lot (I don't believe it) and Shayne begged her to be nice and share compliments. It was bizarre, and no one thought it'd last. But it did.

Then we get to Chicago and these two are vibing. He was very sweet with her family. He shut down Shaina when she tried to get between him and Natalie. We thought after that, whoa. Is Shayne actually a good guy wrapped in a bulging sack of hyperactivity and immaturity? Wow, we were wrong!

But then turns out, our first impression wasn't wrong. Shayne showed his true colors off screen with the pre-wedding fight and told Natalie he hated her and she was the worst thing that ever happened to him, thennnnn sidled up to the bar the next day and said she was the best thing in the world and marrying her would be the best thing he ever did.

Thank god Natalie called it off.

So, what IS "wrong" with Shayne?

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It's bleak stuff. I think a lot of us are asking ourselves a lot of those questions, and there is, as of now, no real answer. I do wonder if they'll bring it up at the reunion since clearly, fans are wondering what's going on with him.

My two cents? He's hyper, he's nervous, he can't control his emotions that well, and he's got a victim-complex that makes him retreat, then lash out. What's fascinating to me, though, is Shayne's journey this season. From unlikable (pods and Mexico) to likable (Chicago) to unlikable (wedding) to likable-ish (post-season Instagrams). Seems like I'm just as all over the place as he is.

Make it make sense.