Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy
'Grey's Anatomy' Should Just Be Called 'The Show That Will Never Die'
Now that Grey's Anatomy has officially been on the air for 18 seasons, rumors swirl time and time again that the show is officially ending or that yet another one of the original cast members will be leaving.
Karen Fratti
Amelia Shepherd's Queer Storylines Need More Screen Time
It's easy to forget Amelia Shepherd identifies as bisexual on Grey's Anatomy since she's always wrapped up in relationships and flings with men.
Inga Parkel
Men You Think You Love But Shouldn't: Derek Shepherd
Samantha Bush
'Grey's Anatomy' Looked Different This Year & Here's Why
It's hard for Grey's Anatomy, which has been on for 16 years, to surprise its fans anymore but this season, there were some shocking moments and changeups, both big (hello, Alex Karev moving to.
Karen Fratti
Can We Discuss Meredith's Beach Cardigan In The 'Grey's' Finale?
Women should wear whatever they want.
Allison Piwowarski
Why Can't Jo Have Nice Things On 'Grey's Anatomy'?
Can we all just get on the Grey's Anatomy group chat and send Jo Wilson all the heart eye emojis right now?
Karen Fratti
What Would Cristina Even Do If She Came Back To 'Grey's Anatomy'?
If you were hoping that the news of Grey's Anatomy getting renewed for Season 18 with Ellen Pompeo might mean that they're ready to give the show a final season it deserves, and that this would somehow involve the long-awaited return of Sandra Oh, I…
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Another One Bites The Dust On 'Grey's
While we all wait for updates about Meredith Grey's vitals (seriously, where is Meredith), another Grey's Anatomy character seems to be walking into the bright light.
Karen Fratti
Derek & Meredith’s Wedding May Have Included Some Morbid Foreshadowing
Let's all give thanks that we are finally out of the Grey's Anatomy purgatory of wondering whether or not Meredith Grey was going to wake up from her COVID induced coma.
Karen Fratti
The Lowkey Incest On 'Riverdale' & 'Gossip Girl' Is So Confusing
Everyone has a favorite, weird little thing that they see happen on TV shows that they know would never happen in real life.
Leah Marilla Thomas