'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Why Can't Jo Have Nice Things?

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'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Why Can't Jo Have Nice Things?

Can we all just get on the Grey's Anatomy group chat and send Jo Wilson all the heart eye emojis right now? Camilla Luddington's character joined the series in Season 9, just as everyone — characters and fans both— were processing the game-changing plane crash in Season 8, so we can all be forgiven for sleeping on Jo's trauma for a while. (We were mourning!) But the fact of the matter is, is that Jo had been going through it each and every day. Now that she's one of the few remaining "old school" cast members, it's time to acknowledge that while Jo has a dark and twisty past, she needs, no deserves, some nice things. Of course, that didn't happen for her in Thursday's new episode, "I'm Still Standing."

Let's rewind. Not only did He Who Shall Not Be Named up and leave her for his ex with barely a text message, Jo carried on through the pandemic, changed careers, and decided that she wanted to adopt baby Luna, the infant she has been caring for since the very beginning of Season 17 in "My Happy Ending," only to learn that her application wouldn't be approved because she couldn't pass a background check given her history. She ends up sobbing in her bed, albeit on Alex Karev's side of it, as if things couldn't get any sadder for her. If Jo were my friend, I would run over to that loft with a bottle of wine and "be there but not talk" stat.

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