Will Tom Koracick Die On 'Grey's Anatomy'? He May Be What Saves Meredith

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Will Tom Koracick Die On 'Grey's Anatomy'? He May Be What Saves Meredith

It would have been too easy for Tom Koracick to get fired for having his quickie with Teddy broadcast to the entire ER or for ordering thousands of dollars worth of semi-useless booties instead of masks for his hospital staff during a global pandemic. No, no, if we're going to lose Tom, it's apparently going to be through a noble death, because in the Dec. 3 Grey's Anatomy episode, all clues pointed to the fact that Dr. Tom Koracick is going to die.

At first, it looked like Meredith Grey was the only character fans had to really worry about losing in Season 17. She contracted coronavirus, was put it in the ICU, and started seeing her dead husband in fever dreams. That's usually a good tell (for any show, frankly) that a character is on their way out. But now, it's looking like Koracick is likely going to be the one to die soon, even if he lamely called into a Zoom work meeting. (That whole scene of "You'll Never Walk Alone" wasn't just for comic relief — it was to make Grey's fans remember why they liked him in the first place.)

But while fans were looking for signs that Meredith's visions of Derek or George meant something, anything at all, tied to her possibly dying, there was Koracick. Alone. Trying to sweat out a fever. Yep, it looks like Tom may be frolicking in the death sands that Meredith frequents sooner than anyone could have guessed.


Actor Greg Germann hasn't mentioned anything publicly about his character's future on the show, but if you caught even one glimpse of Season 17, Episode 5's promo, the writing is on the white board they use to schedule surgeries, given that he is shivering under a blanket during a pandemic, and then, per the promo, rushed to the hospital. If someone is set to die on Grey's during the pandemic, chances are it's going to be Tom and not the titular character of the show. (Though it's tough to think about him leaving the show — he was great at being the worst.)

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At his best, Koracick brought a Mark Sloan vibe to the hospital — nothing is ever serious, and everything, including surgery, is about sex with him. But his character just doesn't have enough importance or allies at Grey-Sloan to make it through this. (Again, consider the options right now. Tom or Meredith.)

If you watch this show at all, you know that he's a total goner.

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