'Ginny & Georgia' Got Renewed For Season 2 & I Need Answers

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'Ginny & Georgia' Got Renewed For Season 2 & I Need Answers

Daughters don't let mothers get away with murder. Or do they? Looks like we'll get a chance to find out since Netflix just renewed Ginny & Georgia for Season 2, proving that even a Taylor Swift's power has its limits. Yes, the show, which can most easily be described as Gilmore Girls, but with sex, crimes, and a Black lead, has officially survived being called out by Swift for referencing her dating life.

Of course, Swift drama aside, this isn't really surprising. In their official announcement, Netflix announced that 52 million households watched Ginny & Georgia in the month after it premiered on Feb. 24. And for weeks after the premiere, anyone looking at their Netflix homepage saw the series consistently sitting atop the Top 10. It was only a matter of time before Ginny & Georgia Season 2 became a reality.

Stars Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Disel La Torraca, Jennifer Robinson, Felix Mallard, Sara Waisglass, Scott Porter, and Raymond Ablack all helped announce the news with a special video message to fans. "Seriously, I found out and I almost peed my pants," Waisglass said, channeling her character Max. (Note Mallard's Australian accent and file that away under "Things Jess Mariano Can't Do.")

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Season 2 will be composed of 10 episodes and is expected to start production soon, if it hasn't already. Personally, I'd like it to come as soon as possible. The Season 1 finale of Ginny & Georgia ended on multiple cliff hangers, and I need answers STAT. In the last few minutes alone, Georgia fully accepted Mayor Paul's proposal and basically admitted to killing her last husband and putting his ashes in fireworks, all while her daughter Ginny took off on a motorcycle with her little brother, Austin. And that's not even considering the unresolved chemistry between Georgia and Joe, or the tragic heartbreak of Ginny and Marcus.

The cast and crew have been pretty good about keeping Season 2 plans under wraps for the past few months, but they have shared some potential storylines with fans. Gentry, who plays Ginny, told Elle in March that she hoped her character would get a little bit tougher in future episodes. "I want to see Ginny get down and dirty. I want to see her turn into Georgia a little bit," she said. "I want to see her really dig in and show that mean streak I know she has." Howey, on the other hand, who plays Georgia, has an opposite wish for her character. "I would like [Georgia] to tap into her heart and figure out what she really wants," she told People of her Season 2 hopes.

As long as we get more of Joe, I'm in.


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