Did A Taylor Swift Line In 'Ginny & Georgia' Tank The Show's Ratings?

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Did A Taylor Swift Line In 'Ginny & Georgia' Tank The Show's Ratings?

Last week, Netflix released Ginny & Georgia. It tells the story about a young mom and her children who are running from their past in hopes of putting down roots in a small Massachusetts town called Wellsbury. It's coming-of-age, it's authentic, it's heartbreaking. And it may have called forth an army of Taylor Swift fans to take down the show's audience rating quicker than you can say "Release the 'Taylor Version.'" But to understand the Ginny & Georgia Taylor Swift line that is causing so much controversy, you have to understand the context, first.

Spoilers for Ginny & Georgia Season 1 ahead. Ginny, 16 years old, has just gotten home from a humiliating day at school where she was bullied for her sexual relationships by her friends (or so she thought). Feeling completely alone, scared, and confused in her room, she's about to self-harm when her mother, Georgia, walks in on her.

Georgia says, "So what? You and Hunter, I'm guessing that's over," which prompts a vulnerable and defensive Ginny to jab at her mother's past, replying, "Wha do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift."

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Ginny's comparison is, of course, outdated and sexist. I wouldn't really call it a joke, though as Swift does. It certainly wasn't played for laughs. In fact, I don't think the audience is supposed to find it all that clever, either. Even more, we're probably supposed to find it offensive.

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