Is Marcus Baker On 'Ginny & Georgia' The New Jess Mariano?

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Is Marcus Baker On 'Ginny & Georgia' The New Jess Mariano?

Season 1 spoilers of Ginny & Georgia ahead. As soon as I saw a pic of Marcus Baker from Ginny & Georgia, a Netflix series that strikes some familiar chords for Gilmore Girls fans everywhere, I could see what the Netflix team was going for here.

You know where this is going, too: GG's Jess Mariano and G&G's Marcus Baker have a lot in common. And the ladies do, too. Rory Gilmore and Ginny Miller both fall for the leather, the repressed feelings, the dark hair, the aloof attitude, and did I already mention the leather? These young women love the chip on these young men's shoulders and just want to burrow right on into it, logic be damned.

I don't blame the G&G writers for taking a page out of Jess's book that he folds in half and sticks in his back pocket. Jess is inarguably the most interesting guy Rory ever dated, and fans fell in love with this kid. I mean, there's a whole Etsy shopped dedicated to Team Jess.

Marcus, yes, is slightly different, but the Jess vibes are still there. Let's check out all the ways they compare.

Their Intros

Jess: Jess strolls on into Stars Hollow in Season 2 of Gilmore Girls as the rebellious nephew Luke needs to set straight. He introduces Jess to town ace Rory, in the hope she'll be a good influence on him. And lo and behold, he set sail a ship that would lead to a decades-long debate over whether or not he was in fact Rory's best boyfriend.

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