Every Question We Have Going Into The 'Euphoria' Finale

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Every Question We Have Going Into The 'Euphoria' Finale

After waiting more than two years for the sophomore season of Euphoria, the finale is now upon us — and there's a lot left to cover. This season has brought so much drama to the surface, with Rue's continued downward spiral into addiction, and Nate's toxic relationships with Maddy and Cassie taking center stage. Now that Lexi's play has exposed much of what was simmering beneath the surface, pretty much everything is coming to a head. Exactly where the pieces will fall — and, in the case of Fez and Ashtray, who will live long enough to make it to the show's promised Season 3 — remains to be seen.

Now that the show is getting ready to wrap everything up, it's time to look at what we still need to unpack on Euphoria before the end of Season 2. Here are all the questions we have before we're once again without our dose of anxiety-producing teen drama.

What Happened to Fez?

Fez was all ready to go to Lexi's play — he even got her roses! So why didn't he show up to pick up his ticket? That likely has something to do with the reason Custer is at his house, seemingly to entrap him and Ashtray into confessing that they killed drug dealer Mouse. Of course, with loose cannon Ashtray sticking a knife up his sleeve, it's very possible that this meeting with Custer ends in violence. Hopefully, Fez and Ashtray make it out alive — and Lexi's play has a second date.

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Is Laurie Still a Threat?

It's been a minute since we checked in on Laurie, and, uh, as far as we know, Rue still owes her a lot of cash. Rue may be sober at the moment, but what happens when Laurie asks her to pay up? Will Laurie harm Rue's family (or Rue herself) if she can't resolve her debts? It certainly seemed like Laurie was eager to traffic Rue as she seemingly did with other women, but right now, we have no idea how she'll come back into Rue's life.

And Speaking Of... Is Laurie Ashtray's Mom?

It's a popular fan theory, and honestly, it totally checks out.

Will Cassie and Maddy Make Up?

Whether you think Cassie is a victim of her circumstances or the worst friend ever, it was heartbreaking watching Maddy demand an explanation from the person she thought was her ride-or-die. Now that Nate has kicked Cassie out of his house, will Cassie crawl back to Maddy with an apology? Will Maddy accept it?

Will Maddy Tell Anyone What Nate Did?

Last season, Nate was brought into the police station after he choked Maddy. What he did to her this season — threatening her, and himself, with a gun — was perhaps an even more horrifying act of abuse. Maddy seems to be steering clear of Nate and Cassie, but will she ever tell another person that Nate threatened her life, or just let people figure out who he is on their own?

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Will Rue and Jules Get Back Together?

Rue is still deeply hurt that Jules told Rue's mom about her drug use, and it doesn't seem like the two will reconnect any time soon. Still, it's hard to imagine that Rue and Jules' love affair is just done, when there's still a whole new season of Euphoria awaiting. If these two don't get back together, can they at least be the friends they were for much of Season 1? Only time will tell.

Will Kat Get...Anything to Do?

After breaking up with her boyfriend Ethan, Kat's storylines have mostly revolved around supporting Maddy and giving character's side-eye. But Euphoria is always better with more Kat, so...maybe she can find her own plot, too?

Will Cal Ever Face Any Repercussions For His Actions?

Cal's explosive exit from his family life seemed like the final word on his bad behavior, but let's not forget that he filmed underage people having sex — which is very much illegal. Sure, Jules destroyed her DVD (assuming it's the only one, that is) but could someone else go after Cal for filming them during a different encounter? It's certainly not impossible.

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What Will the Consequences of Lexi's Play Be?

As Fez pointed out, "Sometimes people need to get their feelings hurt." That may be true, but when it comes to humiliating her sister Cassie's violent boyfriend Nate, that may not be the the best idea. Will Nate punish Lexi in some way for that "Holding Out For a Hero" performance, knowing it was inspired by his struggles with his sexuality? Will Cassie seek revenge on Lexi, knowing that her play is the very reason Nate dumped her? The outcome can't be good, even if the performance was A+.

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