4 Theories About Laurie On 'Euphoria' & How She Could Change The Entire Show

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4 Theories About Laurie On 'Euphoria' & How She Could Change The Entire Show

If you have serious anxiety from watching Euphoria, Laurie is probably a big reason why. Though the drug dealer has proclaimed to never have gotten angry in her life (nor has she ever raised her voice above library levels) she is a terrifying person. In fact, it's because of how eerily calm she is (while saying things like she'll sell Rue to some "real sick people" if she doesn't pay her back her drug money) that makes Laurie so scary. We don't know what Laurie will do next, but now that she's shot Rue up with morphine and made is so that the high schooler owes her some serious money, well...we know it's nothing good.

If we had to make predictions, though, Laurie's story could go a few different ways...some of which are way, way worse for beloved characters like Rue. Here's what we think may unfold next with this Euphoria villain, who we'll continue to have nightmares about all season long.

Laurie Sells Rue Into Sex Work — Or Attempts To

Perhaps the darkest scene in Euphoria history was when Laurie forcibly injected Rue with morphine in order to stop her withdrawal — and, more accurately, to push Rue further down the addiction rabbit hole. However, there was another moment that made Laurie all the scarier. She told Rue, off hand, that one of the good parts of being a woman was the fact that she would always have something people want, even if she doesn't have money — implying that Rue could sell her body. Rue, however, owes Laurie money — it's quite possible that Laurie will take advantage of this fact, and manipulate Rue into sex work so that she can pay her back. What's more disturbing is that this was likely the plan all along — otherwise, why would Laurie ever agree to give Rue a suitcase full of drugs?

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Laurie Is Killed By Fez

Laurie is an inherent threat to Rue, but maybe she doesn't get to go through with her sinister plan...because she's killed by Fez. For one thing, Fez is no stranger to hurting people who threaten the people he loves — such as how he attacked Nate in the beginning of Season 2. We also know that Fez is working closely with Laurie and her team, but perhaps he will betray her after learning that she is taking advantage of Rue — and potentially even take over her drug dealing empire. The opening of Season 2 focused heavily on Fez and his place in the drug world, which he inherited from his grandmother. Perhaps it was all foreshadowing to how he'll once again take over for another woman after her death — this time, Laurie.

Laurie Is Revealed to Be Ashtray's Mother

Laurie had a family before turning to drug dealing, and Ashtray had a mom before she left him with Fez's grandmother as "collateral" and never returned. It's very possible that Laurie is this same woman, since we don't know what happened to Ashtray's biological mom and we haven't yet gotten a glimpse of Laurie's family before she went down this route.

Laurie Attempts to Hurt Rue's Family

Rue believes she has hit rock bottom, which may mean any threats that Laurie makes against Rue — or anything she actually does to Rue — won't really stick. Instead, Laurie may attempt to get Rue to pay up for her drugs by taking it out on the people that Rue cares about the most, such as her sister and mom. At the end of Season 2, Episode 5, we see someone go into Rue's house, but don't see who that person is. While it could very well be Rue returning home, it's also possible that it's someone from Laurie's world — or even Laurie herself — who finds where Rue lives and threatens, or does even worse, to Rue's family.

Start breathing into that paper bag, people — Laurie's presence on Euphoria means the rest of this season is going to be seriously stressful.

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