4 Predictions For 'Euphoria' Season 2, Based On The First 3 Episodes

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4 Predictions For 'Euphoria' Season 2, Based On The First 3 Episodes

Season 2 started off with a bang… and multiple deaths. And Rue relapsing. And Cassie and Nate drunk-driving together while listening to an Orville Peck song. Then there's the Maddy of it all, not to mention the Cal storyline of which we're just starting to scratch the surface. The first three episodes of Euphoria Season 2 have been a wild ride, and we're just getting started.

From the sparkly makeup to the impeccable soundtrack to the interpersonal drama of the first three episodes, how could things possibly get crazier from here? Where there is a will, there's a way. Below are some theories and predictions as to how the rest of Euphoria Season 2 will play out based on what we've seen so far.

To get started...

Do we find out that Ashtray is Nate's long lost brother?

To be honest, this is a theory that could either make total sense or none at all. However, since rewatching the first season, there is clearly some craziness going on with the Jacobs family (aside from the toxic masculinity, manipulation, and abuse). In Season 1 Episode 2, the camera pans over a family picture where a third child is shown – a brother that has never been mentioned on the show.

Now, I never noticed this, but from what the Euphoria reporters of TikTok are saying, this could possibly be Ashtray. This could be a reach, but the timeline makes sense.

In Season 2 Episode 1, we see that Ashtray was abandoned by his parents and left for his grandmother and Fezco to raise. He winds up a preteen drug dealer with multiple face tattoos. There could be some foreshadowing in the scene where Ash holds Cal captive after he was caught stalking them, but I don't know. What I do know is that I need to know the location of Jacobs brother number three.

Maddy's new babysitting gig could get very interesting

In Episode 2, we find out that Maddy is having a grand ole time playing dress up in the mansion in which she works (a closet full of vintage designers? who could resist) but, she almost gets caught and accidentally leaves the jewelry drawer open. There's some speculation that Minka Kelly’s character, Samantha, the mother, most definitely saw the drawer open and just decided not to care. Samantha seems quite sad, especially when she explains to Maddy how “it was nice to get drunk” on her date night with her husband.

Will Samantha be a new mother figure to our beloved cat-eyed queen? A friend? A possible love interest??? The possibilities are endless, but what we do know from the iconic Euphoria foreshadowing is that Samantha will be a very influential character in the upcoming episodes.

Lexi could be walking into a love triangle

Our sweetie Lexi has gotten fantastic screen time this season and she is well on her way to becoming a very much beloved character on the show. Now, the question here is: Is Lexi going to fall for Fez, someone she just met, or will she fall for Kat’s boyfriend Ethan? One of the last scenes of Season 2 Episode 3 shows Ethan over the moon about his lead part in the play. This might just be a nod to the significance this play will have in the overall story, or it could mean something more for Ethan and Lexi, as they spend more time together. I'm rooting for her and Fez, but this Ethan thing does kind of make sense.

Nate and Maddy might make a comeback

We see Nate messing with Cassie’s head (classic Nate) throughout the first few episodes and Cassie instantly getting attached, even to the point where she dresses up as Maddy just to get his attention at school. We see them sneaking around throughout all of the episodes up until the end of Episode 3, when he swerves her for Maddy.

Nate might think he cares about Cassie, but we know that his demons are too strong, and power and manipulation are the things he loves the most. What he really needs to do is get back with Maddy so that he can get the tape of his dad, Cal, having sex with Jules. He needs the tape back before Maddy uses it against them.

There are plenty of other Euphoria theories circulating the internet – did Marsha purposely get pregnant to trap Cal? Does Maddy possibly do the same to Nate? — there's even the possibility that the entire show is Rue’s testimony to the police regarding Nate’s death.

With each action-packed, drug-fueled episode, we'll get answers to these questions, but 'til then... what are your thoughts?

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