Is Ashtray Laurie's Son? This 'Euphoria' Theory Fills In A Lot Of Blanks

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Is Ashtray Laurie's Son? This 'Euphoria' Theory Fills In A Lot Of Blanks

Move over, Nate Jacobs: Laurie is Euphoria's latest villain, and she's as terrifying as she is even-keeled. Fans met the drug dealer in the first episode of Season 2 due to her new arrangement with Fezco and his little brother Ashtray, but later, Rue found herself entangled in a very bad way with Laurie when she decided to sell drugs for her — and found herself unable to pay Laurie back. Now, it's anyone's guess as to what future plans Laurie has for Euphoria crew, but maybe what makes Laurie so significant on this show is not only what she plans to do next, but what she did past. Could Laurie secretly be the mother of Ashtray?

The Season 2 premiere of Euphoria featured an extended flashback to Fezco's childhood, which included his relationship with his shady, drug-dealing grandmother. At one point, Fez's grandma is handed a baby boy as "collateral" from a woman who is supposed to pay her back for drugs. The woman never materializes again, and that baby boy becomes Fez's little brother Ashtray, who gets his name after he tries to eat his grandmother's cigarettes.

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We don't know anything about Ashtray's biological family, save for the fact that he was essentially abandoned by his mom. However, we do know a bit about Laurie's past. As Laurie tells Rue, she was a former schoolteacher with a family so normal they could have fit right into a Sears catalog. It was only after she found herself addicted to drugs did she turn to dealing. Exactly when this happened is unclear, nor do we know what became of her family once Laurie abandoned them to sell drugs. However, it's all a little similar to Ashtray's past — and it's very interesting that we were introduced to the backstories for both characters in the very same episode.

If Laurie is Ashtray's mother, it's unclear if Fez is aware of this fact — though it's certainly possible he knows exactly who he's teaming up with, even though he never met Ashtray's birth mother. Even if Fez doesn't know that Laurie is Ashtray's mother, Laurie may know that Ashtray is her son. In fact, it may be the reason why Laurie is keen to trust Fez in the first place: She knows that Fez took good care of Ashtray, and therefore is willing to deal with someone as young as Fez.

What's particularly sad about this theory is that, if it's true, it means that Ashtray's mother has very little interest in him as a person — he was in her home, and yet there was no moves made on her part to connect. If anything, this theory reminds us just how lucky Ashtray is to have someone like Fez — even if he's not exactly the kind of brother who will keep him out of trouble.

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