What Actor Do We Want as an Older Derek aka Cal's Best Friend?

Ok, obviously, we need more Cal and Derek. Whether it's more of their backstory or if it's a new storyline that takes place in present day where Derek comes back to town for a weekend and ends up staying for longer because HE WANTS HIS OLD THANG BACK (as my grandfather would say). But the bigger question is... who do we want to play an older Derek? Actor Eric Dance, who plays older Cal on "Euphoria," will be 50 this year (half of a century has never looked so good), so the actor should be somewhat around that age. My vote is for... Kyle Chandler. The actor is 56 years old and has been the object of our affections for YEARS! Our TV sets may explode if those two beautiful men collided in a MTV Movie Award style kiss, but I'm willing to take the risk. Who would you cast?