These Theories About Laurie In The 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale Are Not Good For Rue

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These Theories About Laurie In The 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale Are Not Good For Rue

Although Rue might have forgotten that she owes a monotoned drug dealer thousands of dollars as she watched Lexi's play in the penultimate episode of Euphoria Season 2, I sure haven't. Rue hasn't felt the full fallout from her actions yet, but these theories about Laurie in Euphoria Season 2 definitely point to the former teacher and possible sex trafficker coming back in a big way for the finale.

After Rue's drug use was exposed in Episode 5, "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird," she fled to Laurie's where the drug dealer informed her that she needs to pay cash for the drugs she took. She then proceeded to inject Rue with morphine (despite it seeming she had plenty of pills around) and kept her at her house. Rue escaped via a window, but with locks on the outside of doors, birds in cages, etc., it sure looked like Laurie might have been planning to keep Rue to pay off her debt.

With Fez's life on the line, there's already a lot at stake for Rue's friends in the Season 2 finale. But here's some theories on why Rue shouldn't sleep on the silent but deadly Laurie.

Rue Will Get Abducted

Laurie hasn't explicitly stated she's a sex trafficker, but she's pretty much said it throughout the season. When Rue came to Laurie with her plan to distribute her drugs, she flat-out told her, "Rue, if you screw me, I'll have you kidnapped and sold to some real sick people. I always find a way to make my money back. I'm serious."

Laurie also told her when Rue didn't have her drug money, "You know, if I was going through withdrawal, I would do anything. It's one of the good parts of being a woman. Even if you don't have money, you've still got something people want."

So I feel fairly confident believing that she plans to sell Rue into prostitution and keep her locked up in her house. Would it be too bleak for the season to end with Rue being kidnapped by Laurie's lackeys Bruce and Mitch? It sure would be, but that's what it might come down to.

... And No One Will Go Looking For Her

If you thought Rue's mom Leslie was being harsh in the penultimate episode of Season 2 when she said she was going to prioritize saving Gia (fwiw, she was following Ali's advice), there may be a reason behind it. Ashaliedoll on Reddit wondered if when Rue gets abducted by Laurie's people, her mom will assume that Rue disappeared due to drug use again and not go looking for her right away. Add on that Rue said that she and Jules haven't spoken since the intervention and the season may end with Rue being taken for sex trafficking and her family and friends not searching for her since they assume she's on a bender.

Ali Will Die Protecting Rue

If Laurie comes from Rue (whether for the drug money or to traffic her), there's the possibility that Ali is there to intervene. His appearance in "A Thousand Little Trees of Blood" was almost too good to be true with him sweeping in to support her mom and sister and claiming, "The hope is what Rue has to find." Ali's always got some wisdom, but that sounds like a swan song to me. So while that would be good if Ali could protect Rue from Laurie, she'd then have to live with the guilt if something bad happened to him because of it.

Rue Has Signed Her Death Certificate

While I don't think Rue will die in the Season 2 finale, she could die before the series ends. And when she was with Laurie in "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird," there was a movie on that could indicate that Rue's fate when it comes to Laurie is sealed. SRRO14 on Reddit identified the movie that was playing when Rue was in the bathtub at Laurie's house as The Wrong Box. Though that film is a farce, the scene that was playing was a man asking a doctor to sign a blank death certificate. Could that indicate that Rue signed her life over to Laurie and won't survive?

Faye Works For Laurie

User noodle__gorl on TikTok has been doing deep dives on the whole Laurie situation and has a theory that Faye is secretly working for Laurie. In one video, they interpret that when Faye was so defensive about not wearing a wire, it was a clue that she works for Laurie and Bruce. In another video, noodle_gorl points out that Faye was in the room in "Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys" when Rue called herself a genius to Fez about doing drugs for free... and when Rue visited Laurie with her idea, Laurie called her a "genius." Coincidence? I don't think so. Faye also knows that Rue doesn't use drugs intravenously from the Season 2 premiere... something Laurie knew in "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird."

Faye actor Chloe Cherry certainly didn't make Faye seem like a criminal mastermind in a recent interview with Variety where she said that she'd like Rue and Faye to be friends in Season 3 because they're both "chill girls." But what if she was implying that Faye and Rue will be spending more time together next season when Rue is being sex trafficked by Laurie?

Laurie's Involved In Custer Turning On Fez

What if Laurie is somehow involved in Custer turning on Fez and Ash as a fan on Reddit wondered? Custer claims he's working with the police to get Mouse's killer and Laurie did wonder where Mouse was in the Season 2 premiere. But if Laurie's a sex trafficker, would she really want the authorities looking into a missing drug dealer she used to work with? Or, will she actually help Fez out of this situation with a little help from her informant Faye?

Faye Is Working Undercover

Another take on Faye and probably the only hopeful theory in the bunch is that Faye is not working for Laurie but she's working for the cops. On Reddit, stuey909 thought that Faye may be taking down Laurie, which would save Rue in the process. Unfortunately, that probably still means jail time for Fez (which seems inevitable at this point if he lives), but if Rue isn't sold into sex trafficking, I'll take it.

Laurie didn't appear in the trailer for the Season 2 finale, but Rue hasn't seen the last of her... and it sure won't be good for Rue when Laurie comes a-knocking.

Images: HBO, Eddy Chen/HBO

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