Is Fez Going To Die? Our Best 'Euphoria' Theories As To Why He Missed The Play

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Is Fez Going To Die? Our Best 'Euphoria' Theories As To Why He Missed The Play

If you didn't squeal in delight over Fez getting ready for Lexi's play on Euphoria, well, you may not have a heart. Unfortunately, despite Fez steaming his nicest clothes, asking Fay her opinion on the "tie or no tie" debate, and picking up a bouquet of roses, Fez never picked up his ticket to see Lexi's show. While Lexi likely feels stood up and slighted, fans watching the show know Fez would never do Lexi so dirty — which, unfortunately, means that he missed the play for a much more concerning reason.

We know that Fez and Ashtray are being used as pawns by Custer, who wants to pin the murder of drug dealer Mouse on the brothers. (To be fair, Ashtray did kill Mouse with a hammer.) Just before Fez leaves for the play, Custer comes over to hang out — or so he says. Without Fez realizing, Custer sets up his phone to record Fez and Ashtray, likely as a way to entrap them. Ashtray, however, figures out something is up with Custer, and slips a knife in his sleeve.

The aftermath of such an event is yet to be seen...but clearly, it's not good if Fez is skipping out on Lexi's play because of it. Here are just a few theories as to what we may see in the Euphoria Season 2 finale.

Fez Is Killed (Or At Least Seriously Hurt) In a Fight With Custer

Fez may be a sweetie pie, but he's also the guy who beat Nate to a pulp in the Season 2 premiere — and we know he doesn't take to being betrayed lightly. If Fez learns of Custer's betrayal, he may seek immediate revenge, putting himself in danger. After all, Custer and Fez both have a lot to lose here: Fez could go to prison if the truth about what happened to Mouse gets out, and likewise with Custer if he can't get Fez to confess to any wrongdoing.

Ashtray Kills Custer and Fez Has to Clean Up the Mess

In a perfect world, Fez is perfectly fine and it's Custer who has met his maker at the hands of Ashtray. (Sorry, Custer.) Let's remember that Ashtray's weapon of choice is a box cutter, and Fez probably only has one nice white shirt to wear to the play. How is he going to get changed again, clean the blood out of the carpet, and make it to the play in time? He just can't!

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Someone Else Gets Hurt or Killed in the Altercation

Fay's presence in Fez and Ashtray's home is fun, but not exactly necessary for the story — unless, she ends up being killed in the crossfire between Fez, Ashtray and Custer. Fay and Custer may be "in love" (at least, as far as Custer thinks) but Fez has taken care of Fay at her worst. Perhaps she takes Fez's side during a conflict between the two guys, leading to her getting hurt or killed in the process.

Everyone Is Ultimately Fine, But Fez Realizes He Can't Be With Lexi

Fez and Lexi come from two different worlds, but up until now, that hasn't mattered all that much. However, Custer represents a part of Fez's world that Lexi definitely would not approve of — aka, the parts where murdering a drug dealer in order to avoid prison time is pretty standard protocol. Perhaps a confrontation with Custer makes Fez realize that he can't take things further with Lexi, because he won't be able to protect her from these kinds of situations in the future. The tie comes off, the roses are tossed in the trash, and Fexi shippers everywhere sob. Somehow, the scenario where everyone is perfectly fine may be the saddest of them all.

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