8 Theories On Who Is Going To Die In The 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale

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8 Theories On Who Is Going To Die In The 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale

Euphoria is driving toward disaster like one of the Jacobs men drunk-driving toward disaster. There are theories about nearly every single character dying in the Euphoria Season 2 finale, "All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name." While characters like Jules, Nate, and Rue (who plenty of people thought was going to die in the Season 1 finale back in 2019) seem safe for now, a lot of attention is on everyone's favorite drug dealer Fezco. But with the way the kids of Euphoria High live, it feels like almost anyone could meet their tragic fate, so the problem is figuring out who will die in Euphoria Season 2.

With Lexi getting the spotlight on her — and pissing off all her friends in the process — she could have a target on her back. Same goes for Ethan, who deserves a goddamn Tony for his performance(s) in Lexi's play. Then, there's Cassie who has been mentally unwell the majority of the season. I've seen people wonder if since Kat's role has been so diminished in Season 2 if that means she's gone. I'm even at the point where I'm considering if Gia could be the one to go based on Rue's mom saying she's going to prioritize saving Gia over Rue. And while I'm convinced Zendaya isn't going anywhere, you can't forget that Rue owes a drug dealer (and possible human trafficker?!) a whole bunch of money.

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But when looking at the Season 2 finale preview (which can't be interpreted as straightforward since presumably the past, present, and dream sequences are being intertwined, just like in Lexi's play), the top contenders for Most Likely To Die are in the Fezco camp. Since at least one character death seems inevitable, here are the seven characters you should be the most worried about ahead of the Euphoria Season 2 finale.


Fezco may be a bit clueless about Custer's planned betrayal, but Ash has been paying attention. After the Season 2 premiere revealed Fez and Ash's brotherly backstory, it would be devastating for Fez if Ash were to die. As Ashtray actor Javon "Wanna" Walton told Complex, "They would die for each other. They would, for sure, kill for each other." Could Custer kill Ash in self-defense before the police raid the house? And if so, you can imagine that Fez would take his revenge no matter the cost.


Another scenario is that rather than Ashtray die, what if Ashtray kills Custer not realizing the cops are moments away from busting into their home? Ash has seen Custer be shady with Faye and knowing how he killed Mouse (and broke Custer's nose), he's got the violent tendencies to kill again. Ash killing the police informant right before the police barge in would complicate matters for Fez, who will absolutely take the fall for his little brother.


Faye is at risk of dying too since she'll likely to be in Fez's house when the police raid it. Plus, Ash has never felt too fondly for her, so with her betraying them, Ash's rage could be targeted toward her. Yet, Faye (who's been mostly used for comedic relief this season) dying wouldn't be as impactful as some of the more long-running characters. Plus, actor Chloe Cherry told Variety that she hopes Faye and Rue could be friends in Season 3, so she may be safe.


"If Fezco dies, I'm canceling my HBO subscription" — social media is flooded with Euphoria fans making these types of statements right now. And with Fez not being as Lexi's play and finding a romantic spark with her, he does seem destined for tragedy. In the preview for the Season 2 finale, he's pounding on a door and screaming. He's also shown on the ground with blood on his face presumably when the authorities enter the house. Is it his blood? Or someone else's?

Angus Cloud hasn't squashed any of the theories that he could die. Complex asked Cloud if his character's compassion toward people like Rue and Faye "could end in his demise." The Fezco actor replied, "I mean, it's definitely possible. You have to be careful with who you let into your heart and who you trust." But that quote could be intentionally misleading, especially since elsewhere in the interview, Cloud denied using "Tweeter" despite having a verified Twitter account that live tweets the new episodes.

Cloud also told GQ after the Season 2 premiere that he had found that Fez was supposed to have been killed in Season 1, but that the plan changed as the show went on. If that's accurate, would Euphoria have kept Fez around only to kill him off one season later?

It's entirely plausible that Fez dies in some sort of confrontation with the police raiding his home. But it feels a little too obvious. Rather, Fez could claim he killed Mouse and end up in prison for Season 3... tragic, but not death-level tragic.


While everyone is understandably distracted by the death theories surrounding Fezco and Ashtray, there are plenty of other characters who could go that would rock Rue's world, including Ali. If the show doesn't want to kill off one of the kids, Colman Domingo's character seems like a viable option. Although he's her sponsor, Ali is serving as something of a father figure, especially when he got awfully close with her mom and Gia when he came over to make dinner. If he died in the Season 2 finale, it could parallel how she watched her father's dead body taken out of their house in the Season 1 finale. But with so much of Lexi's play focused on Rue's father's death, it seems particularly brutal to have Rue lose Ali... not to mention what it would do to her recovery. And the most messed up way I can think of him dying is if he was protecting Rue from Laurie.


Rue's drug-using buddy hasn't been very present since he revealed to Jules that Rue had relapsed. There's theories out there that he's going to be the one to die in the finale, possibly from an overdose (there have been rumored script leaks, too, but I'm not one to dive too deep into flat-out spoiler territory). One Redditor pointed out that Elliot's room looks like it was designed to mirror Kurt Cobain's — a clue about his fate or simply an Easter egg? If Elliot were to die, that could possibly bring Jules and Rue back together. But it'd be kind of a bummer for the character to only have been introduced in Season 2 to die.


There's certainly a chance one of the teens could die, but if you're inclined to think that the adults are more likely to be killed off, then let's not forget about Cal. He spent the fourth episode of this season engaging in incredibly reckless behavior with his drunk driving. Could he end up dying in a car crash? Or could the "Holding Out For a Hero" part of Lexi's play lead Nate to do something drastic and kill his father? There is a shot of Nate with police lights in the finale preview. And even if Nate's not responsible for Cal's death, it would still cause a lot of complicated feelings for him.

Fez's Grandmother

Let's not forget that Fez and Ash's grandmother is still in the house with them and confined to a bed. During the raid on their house, the police could shoot her. Maybe that's why Fez is seen screaming at a door? Since her backstory was revealed in the Season 2 premiere, having her die in the Season 2 finale would bring this story full circle.

The Euphoria Season 2 finale is bound to be painful for Fezco. Let's just hope it's not too painful for Fezco fans, too.

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