The ‘Emily In Paris’ Ending Calls For Some Theories About Gabriel, Emily, & Camille

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The ‘Emily In Paris’ Ending Calls For Some Theories About Gabriel, Emily, & Camille

Thanks to how the Europeans count the floors in buildings, Emily Cooper meets her love interest, downstairs neighbor Gabriel, almost immediately into her Parisian adventures. And the two live happily ever after. Except it's not that easy, because Gabriel has a girlfriend — Camille — and she is very much in the picture poppin' Champagne and being a great friend to Emily. It is, how you say, compliqué. (Warning: Spoilers for the entire season follow.)

After many will-they, won't-they moments throughout the series (including a very awkward almost-kiss in front of Emily's date, Matt), Emily and Gabriel give in to their chemistry and sleep together the night before Gabriel is set to head west to Normandy, where he plans to open up his own restaurant. Of course, that's not what happens the next morning — Gabriel reveals he's staying in Paris after finding an investor in Emily's client, Antoine.

So how will this love triangle shake out? Will Gabriel end up with Emily or Camille? This doesn't look like a guy too worried about the tangled web he wove. Then again, he's hopped up on bubbles and a well-coordinated flannel jacket combo to care too much about where he may lay at night.

However, it might not be that easy for Emily. After a rough assimilation into Parisian culture, Emily found a great friend in Camille. And considering that Emily already had major guilt for kissing Gabriel and not telling Camille, chances are this new development is going to haunt her even more.

Plus, it already seems like Camille is going to rely on her dear friend Emily to confide in now that Gabriel is staying in Paris, as seen in the final moments of the season.

So, will Emily fess up and tell Camille what happened between Gabriel and her? Below, the breakdown of how this situation could play out:

Emily Doesn't Tell Camille, And Pretends She & Gabriel Never Happened

While this would certainly be the easiest way out of the situation at hand, it seems pretty out of character for the show's protagonist. If anything, Emily seems like the complete opposite of a person who would hide sleeping with her friend's boyfriend behind her back.

C'est possible?: Anything is possible, but this outcome is probably the least likely to happen. While I would be interested to see Emily struggle with a moral quandary, she's way too earnest to keep something like this neatly tucked in the back of the closet next to her Chanel.

Emily Tells Camille, Camille & Gabriel Stay Together

There's no doubt that Emily's conscience will get the best of her, leading her to tell Camille what happened between Gabriel and her. But, there's the chance that Emily downplays it and tells Camille to keep fighting for her relationship with Gabriel. Will it put a super awkward riff between the two women? Yes, but they'll work through it!

Plus, Emily has her hot fashion heir boyfriend, Mathieu. She's doing great!

C'est possible?: It could happen, but Camille and Gabriel probably aren't in this for the long haul. Maybe we'll see a couple switcheroo with Emily dating Gabriel and Camille dating Mathieu?

Emily Tells Camille, Emily & Gabriel Get Together

If (when) Emily tells Camille that she and Gabriel slept together, it could result in Emily losing Camille as a friend. If on top of that, Emily then started dating Gabriel, it would be a twist of the knife to dear Camille.

Now, if Emily in Paris is setting Gabriel up for the long game (seems so), then perhaps the two don't start dating right away. We very well could see Gabriel and Camille go their separate ways, Emily and Gabriel continue as friends ("I can't do that to Camille"), but like all star-crossed lovers, find their way to each other at the end.

C'est possible?: The magic eight ball within me says "Signs point to yes," even if it does take time. Emily seems to be someone who would prioritize her friendship with Camille (I know, hasn't really happened yet) while "finding her Parisian self," exploring her relationship with Mathieu, and eventually, down the line, landing herself a forever seat at Gabriel's cafe.

Emily's story is just beginning in Paris with her job taking off, a solid group of friends, and a love triangle... or, if you count Mathieu, a love square? Seems so French.

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