'Bridgerton' Merch For The Daphne, Eloise, & Even Anthony Of Your Life

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'Bridgerton' Merch For The Daphne, Eloise, & Even Anthony Of Your Life

Dear reader, at this stage of the collective apocalyptic experience that is the early 2020s, filling one's online shopping cart is not only more common, but way more cathartic than perusing the marriage mart like on Bridgerton. In pursuit of lifting the spirit with a new delivery at the door, I have combined two of my hobbies for the betterment of Bridgerton fans looking for merch everywhere: Netflix and shopping.

Whether you're looking for yourself (can't blame you) or getting something for the Bridgerton fan in your life, below you'll find 17 items that will check off more boxes than an emotionally unavailable man with daddy issues looking to create a fake relationship.

1. "The Spoon" Mug

Regé-Jean Page brought a whole new appeal to the art of how to handle a spoon in Season 1 of Bridgerton. So much so, that the Duke of Hastings' spoon now has its own Instagram account, @thedukesspoon. And while auditioning to play an inanimate object is perhaps not on anyone's 2021 bingo card, this hand-crafted mug is a hat tip to a goal we can all get behind each morning. The mugs come in two sizes of 11 oz or 15 oz, though just how many ounces can really quench your thirst for the Duke of Hastings?

Where to Buy: Etsy starting at $13.56

2. Bridgerton House Wall Art

Deck the halls of your very own home with this print of the Bridgerton household, adorned with the blooming flowers of the season. Want to make it a series? You can also request custom house drawings by the same Etsy shop, so why not also purchase prints of Clyvedon Estate (which is actually Castle Howard in York) or Lady Danbury's Estate (the Holburne Museum in Bath).

Where to Buy: Etsy starting at $13, $60 for a custom request

3. Quote Pencils

If you're looking to make a more subtle statement — but a statement nonetheless — consider these quote pencils, each engraved with recognizable quotes from Season 1 of Bridgerton.

Where to Buy: Etsy for $10

4. "I Burn For You" Wine Label

If you need a quick add-on gift for a friend, or are hosting your very own boozy Bridgerton brunch, these wine labels will take a normal bottle of vino the next level, worthy of Lady Danbury's Out-On-The-Ton Ladies' Night.

Where to Buy: Etsy for $5

5. Bridgerton Siblings Shirt

Consider this one a little more... practical than the other gifts on this list. It's no secret that the Bridgerton clan — specifically the older brothers — are hard to keep track of on the show. (Test your knowledge of the Bridgerton brothers here.) So why not keep track of the most confusing element of the show — the eight Bridgerton siblings — right in front of you, in alphabetical order.

Where to Buy: Etsy for $15.29+

6. Duke Of Hastings Greeting Cards

If period dramas aren't for you, but your friend can't stop sending you TikToks about the Duke, then these cards might just abate your pal's requests. This greeting card bundle is a low-risk, high-reward option to infuse more Bridgerton into your friends' lives for birthdays, Valentine's Day, or a simple thank-you note.

Where to Buy: Etsy for $10.70

7. Lady Whistledown Notebook

In Bridgerton, Lady Whistledown's scandal sheets stir up the most salacious drama of the ton, like knocking Daphne down from her diamond of the first water peg or exposing Marina's secret pregnancy. (Brutal, Penelope.) While your grocery list will probably not cause as much of an uproar as Penelope's society rags, this spiral notebook should do the trick for the writer in your life who prefers longhand to the notes app in their iPhone.

Where to Buy: Etsy for $22.72

8. Charm Necklace

This gold pendant from Etsy is more of the Victorian style than Regency, admittedly, but the 14K gold piece is directly inspired by Daphne's early Season 1 looks. In a recent interview with W Magazine, fine jeweler Sheryl Jones relayed that the necklaces in fact help track Daphne's evolution into a grown woman, as the daintier ones connote her naïveté. "At the beginning, Daphne is always in very demure, small diamond jewelry," said Jones. "Everything is close to the nape of her neck. Then the necklaces get bigger."

Where to Buy: Etsy starting at $25

9. Face Masks

Etsy for $15
Etsy for $9.99

According to Netflix, 63 million people are projected to have watched Bridgerton in its first four week run, so if you were to wear one of these face masks out of the house, chances are you'd probably run into someone who can relate. Consider this purchase an ice breaker of sorts.

Where to Buy: Prices vary (links to purchase in captions)

10. Penelope & Eloise T-Shirt

Are you more an Eloise or a Penelope? With this shirt, you don't have to choose. This tee is a most proper way to declare your allegiance to the superior friendship of Season 1.

Where to Buy: Redbubble for $21.55

11. Wine Glass

Lady Violet's memo to basically "let the games begin" wrought the gossip heard round the ton declaring that Nigel Berbrooke was persona non grata. So when having a virtual happy hour, why not cheers to the benefits chit chat can render with this pro-gossip wine glass?

Where to Buy: Etsy for $12

12. iPhone Case

Perfect for the fan already glued to their phone constantly watching YouTube videos of the Bridgerton cast. Redbubble has plenty of similar designs in the same price range to choose from like this one, this one or this one.

Where to Buy: Redbubble for $31.56

13. I Burn For Your Candle

Consider this candle perfect for your mom who kindly binged Bridgerton with you over the holiday break. It's just classy enough for her to remember the scene where Simon tells Daphne how ardently he burns for her, but not remark upon what comes after it.

Where to Buy: Etsy for $8

14. The Hand Tote

Daphne and Simon touching hands without gloves on was a moment so sexually charged that it came in at number three on The Dipp's ranking of "Bridgerton's 25 Sexiest Moments." Sabienna Bowman opined that "Sure, sex is fun, but have you ever stood in an art gallery mere feet away from London's ton while slowly reaching out to scandalously touch the bare hand of the man you're fake courting while bonding over his dead mom's favorite painting?" Carrying around the painting that inspired such intimacy in the gallery may not be in the cards, but a lightweight cotton tote bag depicting the pivotal moment in their relationship certainly is.

Where to Buy: Redbubble for $15.52 ($13.19 when you buy 2+)

15. Georgette Heyer Novels

If you're looking for some further Regency romances, I'd recommend Georgette Heyer's work, which dabbles in similar notions of costume drama fare where frenemies become lovers and gentlemen in the tall, dark, and handsome camp romp away. My personal favorites include Cotillion and Venetia.

Where to Buy: Amazon is always an easy go-to, but these books can also be found at independent shops too like The Strand in NYC for $17.99 and Skylight Books in Los Angeles (email or call for price)

16. Bridgerton Brothers Sticker

Can't tell the Bridgerton boys apart? This sticker will be of no help — they all look exactly the same without faces.

Where to Buy: Redbubble for $3.02

17. Signed Bridgerton Books

For the ultimate Bridgerton fan in your life, here's how to get an autographed copy from Julia Quinn herself, according to the University Book Store in Seattle. With eight possible seasons in the works for the show, might as well get started on the book series in the dry period of waiting for Season 2.

Where to Buy: University Book Store for $16.99+

Happy shopping, dear readers.


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