'Bridgerton's 25 Sexiest Moments, Ranked (Yes, Including The Spoon)

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'Bridgerton's 25 Sexiest Moments, Ranked (Yes, Including The Spoon)

Period dramas have a long history of bringing the heat, and Bridgerton is no exception. Just as Colin Firth's drenched Mr. Darcy once walked out of a lake and straight into pop culture history, the men and women of Netflix's first Shondaland drama are all about shattering the genre's conventions with scandalous scenes involving tree sex, a bohemian threesome, and one very lucky spoon. But which one of Bridgerton's sexy moments was the sexiest of them all?

The answer to that question may depend on what you find sexy, but as a longtime period drama devotee, I have a special place in my heart for moments that make viewers swoon while keeping things PG-13. While Bridgerton happily gave viewers plenty of actual sex scenes — still a rarity in the world of Jane Austen-style historical dramas — some of the show's hottest scenes didn't involve a trip to the boudoir (or the opera house) at all. Instead, the regency London-set series reveled in the time-honored period drama tradition of leaving viewers hot, bothered, and wanting more with stolen glances and the chaste brushing of hands.

And while I appreciate every single one of Daphne and Simon's athletic honeymoon sex scenes, I'm equally in awe of all the creative ways Bridgerton found to convey the sexual awakening of Ms. Daphne Bridgerton prior to her wedding night. With that in mind, dear readers, let us dive into Bridgerton Season 1's sexiest moments to discover which scene is the hottest one of all.

25. "Every Woman Isn't A Lady..."

Why it's sexy... Well, I mean, there's the sex. But truth be told this scene smacks of early era Game of Thrones sexposition. It's mostly there to show that Bridgerton isn't afraid to have its heroes drop their pants while exposing about their daddy issues. And also, Anthony proves he's the worst when he implies Siena isn't a lady just because she's not a capital "L" Lady.

But despite Anthony generally having no pillow talk game, the chemistry between these two is undeniably hot.

24. Anthony & Siena's Tree Sex

Why it's sexy... Because it features the show's first butt. Thanks for taking one for the team, Anthony!

23. Colin Asks Penelope To Dance

Why it's sexy... Kindness and chivalry are always sexy. That goes double when it involves two humans as genuinely adorable as Colin and Penelope are.

22. Anthony Returns To Siena... Sort Of

Why it's sexy... Forbidden romances + unrequited yearning = swoon. This scene would be higher if Anthony hadn't primarily went to see Siena to find out if Simon had paid her a visit while the Duke was courting Daphne.

21. Daphne & Simon On The Stairs

Why it's hot... Even when their marriage is on the brink of collapse, Daphne and Simon can't keep their hands off one another. Unfortunately, the staircase scene is hampered by its proximity to Daphne's betrayal of Simon, which knocks it down to the #21 spot, despite the stunning cinematography.

20. Penelope Flirts With Colin

Why it's hot... Because for a moment, Penelope reveals her truest self to Colin by engaging in a bit of cheeky gossip, and it's clear from the grin on his face that Colin likes what he sees.

19. Anthony Asks Siena To The Final Ball Of The Season

Why it's hot... The casual intimacy between these two as Anthony asks Siena to step out into society with him is at once alluring and tragic given that their love story is about to end for good this time.

18. Simon's Lessons In Courting

Why it's hot... Simon being brash and shocking Daphne will always, always be the very definition of sexy.

17. Penelope & Colin Say Goodbye

Why it's hot... Because Colin's face when he's saying goodbye to Pen is the stuff sweet dreams are made of.

16. Daphne's Dream

Why it's hot... Simon removing Daphne's glove, the intimacy of their dance, the almost kiss — it's no wonder Daphne woke up feeling flustered.

15. Anthony Asks Siena To Run Away With Him

Why it's hot... Anthony thinks there's a very real possibility that he'll either die in the morning or be forced to go on the run after murdering his best friend, but all he can think about is spending one last night with Siena. Oh, these doomed, crazy kids.

14. Simon Asks Daphne To Call Him By His First Name

Why it's hot... Simon's gravelly voice combined with his request for Daphne to call him by his first name left me requiring a fainting couch.

13. Anthony & Siena's Bleacher Sex

Why it's hot... They're literally having sex under the bleachers during a boxing match. I mean... come on, everything about that is sexy as hell.

12. Daphne Tends To Simon's Wounds

Why it's hot... Daphne and Simon are so close, and yet so far apart in this scene. Their mutual yearning, as well as the tenderness of Daphne cleaning up her husband's wounds, makes this moment a standout.

11. Benedict & Genevieve Delacroix's Threesome

Why it's hot... Because Benedict and Madame Delacroix seem so very pleased to have fallen down this particular rabbit hole.

10. Simon & Daphne's Honeymoon Montage

Why it's hot... Daphne and Simon seemingly christen every room in their home and the grounds during the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and I'm just as here for it as the servants are.

9. Daphne Professes Her Love To Simon

Why it's hot... Daphne's rain-soaked profession of her love for Simon isn't just what the Duke needed to hear, it's what the audience needed too.

8. Daphne & Simon Reconcile

Why it's hot... Because it's so joyful and loving. Dear Hollywood, more sex scenes like this, please?

7. "Stare Into My Eyes..."

Why it's hot... This is the first time Simon gives Daphne chills (and the audience is right there with her).

6. Simon & Daphne Have Sex In A Thunderstorm

Why it's hot... Simon and Daphne are so hot for each other that they happily have sex in the middle of a thunderstorm. While the locale doesn't exactly look comfortable, the newlyweds are far too into this sultry and cinematic moment to care.

5. Simon & Daphne's First Kiss

Why it's hot... Our hero and heroine finally give in to temptation, and it's so worth the agonizing wait.

4. Simon & His Spoon

Why it's hot... Colin Firth dived into a pond in the BBC's 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice so that one day Regé-Jean Page could make eating ice cream in a period drama look so sinful it sparked Daphne's sexual awakening right then and there.

3. Daphne & Simon's Hands Touch

Why it's hot... To borrow a phrase from the great Samantha Irby, sure, sex is fun, but have you ever stood in an art gallery mere feet away from London's ton while slowly reaching out to scandalously touch the bare hand of the man you're fake courting while bonding over his dead mom's favorite painting?

2. "I Burn... For You"

Why it's hot... "I burn for you" is an instantly iconic line. And then Simon went and made sure Daphne felt safe and loved during her first time just to really tip this scene over into smoldering hot goodness territory.

"You Do Touch Yourself?"

Why it's hot... Bridgerton is full of sexy moments big and small, but Simon huskily instructing Daphne on the fine art of masturbation, and then seeing her put his lesson to good use, is by far the sexiest thing to happen on any show in 2020.

Bridgerton's first season proved the series knows how to deliver sexy moments of every kind. From Daphne and Simon's acrobatic sex scenes to the gentle moments of burgeoning affection between Colin and Pen, this is one period drama that knows how to bring every level of heat to its romances.


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