We Had Gabby From Winter House On The Latest Episode And She Spilled The Winter House Hot Chocolate!

Hey ya'll, On this week's episode we were lucky enough to have Gabrielle Kniery from Winter House but if you didn't know she was also on America's Next Top Model.

Here are some highlights:

•She spoke about how she is from St. Louis, Missouri and how a random coincidence got her to tryout for America's Next Top Model. She was persuaded by one of her good friends who was also auditioning to be on. Gabby auditioned and thought that she didn't make the second cut due to the fact that they didn't call her number. She was ready to leave and put this all behind her until the PA stopped her from going down the elevator. He said "Is number 69 here? You're actually the only girl that we wanted," And it took off from there!

•She also comments about the criticism that Tyra Bank received for her tactics on the show and expresses how grateful she is to have had the opportunity. Gabby says she will never bite the hand that has fed her and would never turn on a Black woman who gave so many women a great opportunity to be on the show.

•She also talked about her time at Winter House, Yes she did like Luke... however the argument was more about her friendship with Julia and how Julia had constantly tried things like that before, she was over it. She also felt isolated during that time because she didn't know anyone but Julia and partially Andrea whom she had met through Julia.

•Which brought her to talk about what they didn't show.. which is why we didn't get to know her that well.

•She said that her and the rest of the Winter House crew went Dog Sledding and that was a fun event that she wished they would have shown. Gabby also stated that she did confessionals speaking about the same thing that Ciara and Mya spoke about but Bravo did not include that footage.

•Gabby also spilled the tea on that moment from the trailer where it was insinuated that Kyle was flirting with her. She said it was no big deal and that Kyle was just saying she had the best ass in the house. Her and Kyle actually built a genuine friendship and it was nothing more than that.

•Speaking of Kyle, Gabby says that he was one of the only ones who truly tried to get to know her. As far as who she is still in contact with, she said that Paige was there when she had an injury because she lived close to her. She does text a few of them to check in from time to time and thinks that they are genuinely good people.

•She said that she was not asked back but she would love to be invited to Summer House so people can actually get to know her because she is not this introverted person that was portrayed on the show. She would like viewers to see her real personality.

•She said that although her conversation may not have made it on Winter House she was so proud and felt so seen when Ciara and Mya had their conversation. She loved the way the house reacted to it and Gabby is glad that Bravo decided to spotlight that.

•Although she doesn't have a lot of time to watch TV because she has been working on so many amazing projects such as the Dark & Lovely 50th Anniversary photoshoot, she enjoys dabbling in Summer House and some of the shows that come on NBC/ FOX. She loves. Dramas.

•Gabby also spilled the tea about her upcoming podcast called "The Gift Of Gab." The podcast will be a platform for her to tell inspirational stories that uplift and motivate listeners, she hopes that listeners can gain something from it.

In an exclusive Patreon episode which you can access starting at $5 a month, Gabby gives us her beauty secrets. We also talk about Euphoria and Kaya and Gabby connected on both having Sickle Cell. It was a pleasure having Gabby on our podcast, you can tell that she is a genuine kind hearted person and her spirit shines bright! This was a much needed conversation and we are so excited for all of you to hear it.

If you are able to listen to the episode let us know what you think. If you haven't been able to listen the links will be listed below.

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