I've been the Amanda....and that's what makes it harder to watch

Ugh, let's talk Summer House.

Watching the buildup to Kyle and Amanda's nuptials is the closest I've gotten to a full body workout since 2019. I am TENSE. I am sweating. I am pacing around my house, muttering to myself.

While I'm sure no one is watching this season of Summer House and thinking, "Wow! These cuties are ready to walk down that aisle! What a healthy and not at all damaged relationship!"....I think I've pinpointed why their cycle of dysfunction is especially hard for me to watch: I have been the Amanda.

One of the tough things about infidelity is that, as the one who has been cheated on, you are forced to make an excruciating choice: You either need to accept things will never be the same and leave OR you need to forgive, move forward, and stay. Unfortunately, Amanda has done a little bit of both. She stayed, but hasn't forgiven.

It's clear that Amanda does not trust Kyle, so she smothers him. This leads to Kyle acting out which leads to stupid shit like staying out all night by himself. Which leads to Amanda feeling validated that he is not to be trusted. Which leads to her smothering him.... And circles become circles and round and round they go on this toxic Merry-Go-Round sponsored by Loverboy.

Is anyone else really struggling with this "storyline"? What are your thoughts? I need a support group of reformed (and current) Amandas.