All The Tea The ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Crew Has Spilled On ‘WWHL’ This Season

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All The Tea The ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Crew Has Spilled On ‘WWHL’ This Season

The drama doesn’t always end when filming does. While Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has long since wrapped, the Bravo stars are still weighing in on the reality series on the regular, and almost all of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast mates have made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. On the show, the crew members are sharing their juiciest stories, behind-the-scenes details and their sincerest apologies with host Andy Cohen — and even hinting at exciting moments yet to come. In case you’ve missed out, I took the liberty of wrapping up all the most important takeaways. You’re welcome.

Gary caused the most drama on board.

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While they didn’t clarify whether he was the cause of the drama or just the focus of it, both Captain Glenn Shephard and Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher agreed that First Mate Gary King was responsible for the majority of the ship drama. Considering how things have gone between him and Sydney Zaruba and Alli Dore, that’s no surprise — but the fact that he’s also butted heads with Daisy certainly doesn’t help, and it seems like there might be a confrontation brewing with Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, too.

Colin thinks any JL confrontation would be well deserved.

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When it comes to JL, Chief Engineer Colin Macrae seemed to agree that he’s not pulling his weight. When Andy asked if Gary is right to lose his patience with the deckhand or if the First Mate is just being a little unreasonable, Colin said that Gary’s short fuse was well-deserved. But that doesn’t mean he’s letting Gary off the hook for his own unprofessional behavior.

Colin wasn’t impressed by the Sydney-Gary hook up.

When it comes to girls on board, he said that Sydney was the worst possible person for Gary to go after. It didn’t help that Gary was actually interested in Alli first but seemed content to seize the opportunity to hook up with Sydney. Colin told Andy that Gary should’ve just stuck with his first instinct because the resulting mess was just too much.

Gary sort of stands by that whole thing, though.

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Obviously, we’ve seen that he majorly regrets his actions and the fallout it caused. In fact, we even saw him seem to regret it the very next day when he went full cold shoulder on Sydney instead of addressing the elephant in the room. On WWHL, however, he seemed to defend his actions — both making the move and ignoring her after the fact. “I did say to her that it was just going to be a one-night stand,” he insisted. When Andy asked if his deckhand “cosigned” that statement, he said, “She did… I believe she did say yes, she says, ‘OK.’” He insists you can see it in the subtitles, but neither Andy nor Colin seemed to buy it.

Daisy said Natasha started off on the wrong foot with her immediately.

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“I think arrogance straight away is a bad sign in a chef,” Daisy dished when asked about her first impressions of Natasha De Bourg. “And cockiness. I think Natasha, to an extent, displayed those pretty quickly on. And, yeah, I don’t think I was wrong.” As fans have seemed, things didn’t improve with them over the course of the show — and they’re still at odds on some issues, like the one where they butted heads over breakfast when it came to sitting down and eating versus sailing while nibbling on something handheld.

Natasha, however, thinks Daisy was the one responsible for their issues.

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While she’s since admitted that she may have a few things to learn about humility, she still points to Daisy’s abrupt communication skills as part of the problem. She claimed the Chief Stew was always shutting her down, and that’s what led to them being constantly at odds when she found herself playing defense every time they talked.

Dani hinted there’s more drama to come between them.

As Natasha’s BFF and Daisy’s employee, Second Stew Dani Soares seemingly revealed that their issues are only going to get worse — and she finds herself right in the middle of it all. So far, we’ve only seen Dani take issue with Alli after that whole crew dinner fiasco, so it’ll be interesting to see how she handles conflict when she’s not drunk.

Natasha recognizes she was in the wrong, though.

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While watching the season back, the chef has gotten the chance to relive and reflect on some experiences that maybe weren’t her finer moments. When Andy mentioned how she complained about Daisy speaking “asshole,” Natasha admitted that she might have been to blame for some of it. She took back some of her previous comments about Daisy not doing her job and complimented the Chief Stew, sharing that she’s working on her attitude issues for the future.

That said, she thinks Gary could use some work, too.

Natasha seems to be on good enough terms with the First Mate on the show, but she’s not always impressed with his behavior while watching it back. When Andy asked her about the moment when Daisy caught the deckhand flirting with Alli, she had a choice retort for him. “Gary could eat his words,” she said. “He said he didn’t sign up to be a dishwasher, [but] is he a laundryman?”

Surprisingly, Dani was the one voted the horniest of the crew members.

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Well, at least of the interior crew. Though Alli has spent plenty of her time flirting with Gary, both she and Dani agreed that the Second Stew is the horniest out of all three inside girls. It didn’t seem to even be a question — which goes to show we might be getting even more steamy moments between her and JL as the season continues. And speaking off…

Jean-Luc hinted things got pretty intense during their guest room hook up.

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Andy wasted no time asking him about the perks that came with hooking up with someone who is almost a decade older than him and has such an extreme height difference, and while JL didn’t get into too many specifics, he didn’t hold back either. He made it clear that older women know what they want out of a hookup — and that things can get a lot more “physical” with shorter girls.

Dani revealed she was interested in JL pretty much off the bat.

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Though it took her a few episodes to come around to their flirtation, she revealed to Andy that she’d been eying him ever since the second episode. When the crew members all hung out in the hot tub after their first charter, he said that he was interested in her, and she was first ready to kiss him right at that moment.

That said, she sees some major red flags with their relationship.

She didn’t dish on where they stand today — and she hinted she was only looking for a little “fun” when she started hooking up with him on the show — but she revealed his lack of professionalism on deck is a total turn-off. She also dished on how she thought it was strange that he called up his mom to gossip about their situation so early on, especially when it seemed that things hadn’t yet turned serious.

For some cast members, relationships with guests aren’t totally off the table.

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While dishing about their past experiences, Dani revealed that she once fell briefly in love with one of her charter guests. After he left the boat, the moment passed, but she was ready to go all in. As for Alli, she was less ready to cross that line — even when it came with a major payday. Apparently, a guest once propositioned her with a wad of cash, but she turned him down and then proceeded to avoid him for the rest of the trip.

Daisy’s had her own share of sticky situations.

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When asked about her biggest fuck-ups on board, she revealed that she once accidentally served an alcoholic drink to a five year old kid. Oops. Thank god she managed to take care of the situation quickly or things could’ve gotten majorly out of hand.

And Gary’s got a guest horror story of his own.

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During one charter he worked off the show, a guest came to him with an issue in their cabin. They kept hearing some kind of weird rumbling noise and they were worried something was wrong with the boat. So was Gary, and he almost went and woke up the captain… until he discovered a vibrator buzzing away in the bedside table. Now that’s embarrassing.


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