‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Moments That Made Warning Bells Go Off In My Head

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‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Moments That Made Warning Bells Go Off In My Head

Last night’s episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht got tense, you guys. I thought the Natasha-Daisy drama was ready to boil over last week, but now I’m starting to wonder if their bickering might’ve blinded me to all of the other issues that might have been simmering in the background. During the Monday, April 19 installment of the Bravo show, it seemed like just about all of the reality stars were at each other’s throats, and more than a few fights erupted.

Off the show, the crew members may all have made their peace with each other — even Natasha was complimentary towards Daisy and humble about her own mistakes on Watch What Happens Live — but on the show it seems we’re headed for trouble. Kill Bill sirens just kept going off in my head as I watched, so I decided to round up the moments from last night’s episode that were the most alarming. Check them out.

That moment when private shit-talking almost became public shit-talking

With Daisy, Alli, and Gary hanging out by the cabins, the risk of being overheard was high — but Natasha didn’t care when she retreated to her room to question and then vent to Dani about the previous night’s dinner. When the laughter outside their door got particularly loud, Dani silently tried to point out the danger at hand, but Natasha refused to be stopped. “I don’t care,” the chef shot back. “I want [her to] hear me.”

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