Rachel's Most R-Rated Moments On 'Below Deck'

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Rachel's Most R-Rated Moments On 'Below Deck'

From practically the first moment we met Rachel, the new chef on Below Deck, she tried to let us know what we were in for. "When I'm in the kitchen, I'm super laser-focused," she promised the audience during her first introduction. "Out of the galley?" Cue her shaking her tatas with her tongue out. "I am not quiet," she laughed. "I so need therapy."

As the season goes on, she’s only continued to showcase her, uh, explicit sense of humor. Initially, it didn’t seem out of place — after all, there’s a reason they say you’ve got a mouth like a sailor when you’re a little too comfortable with dirty language — but by episode 5 it seemed to be taking its toll, especially on her relationship with Francesca.

“Rachel’s sense of humor — it’s quite R-rated, right?” the chief stewardess said during a confessional after the audience watched several of the chef’s jokes fall flat. “I’m a bit more refined in my sense of humor than that.”

But exactly has she said that scandalized her coworker? We decided to take a look back at her most inappropriate moments, starting with her first day on the ship when she pledged that she was going to “fuck this charter in the mouth” when it came to making a gourmet menu that met all of their guests’ over-the-top dietary restrictions.

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