Trish’s Porcelain Pigs On ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Will Haunt Me Forever

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Trish’s Porcelain Pigs On ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Will Haunt Me Forever

90 Day Fiancé is a show centered around a bunch of big personalities — so it’s a rare moment when someone’s home furnishings manage to steal the scene. That’s exactly what happened during the Sunday, May 23, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, however. When Mike and Natalie finally flew out to visit his mom for Thanksgiving, they walked into a home just absolutely filled to the gills with porcelain piggy banks.

They were all over the place, in every room, including the room where the TLC couple would be staying. But the pigs weren’t the only noteworthy piece of decor. In fact, the whole house was pretty deserving of discussion, so allow me to walk you through it with a little photo tour.

The First Approach

As the reality stars got out of the car and prepared themselves to go inside Trish’s place, the home looked pretty normal, but we did get our first hint of what was to come. Out on the front porch, there was a set of pink patio chairs as well as some sort of biblical sign over the door. On the other side of the door, as the family walked inside, the camera panned out to reveal that the pink wrought iron seating wasn’t just relegated to outside furniture.

Just a few steps inside, you could also find another set, this time made up of a glass table and chairs surrounding it. We also got a peek at a bar cart with a bird cage on top as well as some shelves which featured all sorts of knick knacks, including a bust of Jessie from Toy Story 2. Nearby, Trish had a wicker chair that also seemed to be intended as patio furniture and yet was nonetheless inside of the home — and, on top of it, there was a little pillow that reads “Princess of Quite-a-Lot.”

I have to say, so far, the pillow is my favorite part — not because it’s particularly spectacular on its own so much as because I had exactly the same one in my childhood bedroom. Personally, I hope to have graduated to Queen of Quite-a-Lot by the time I’m Trish’s age, but if she’s more comfortable with the princess rank, I commend her as a fellow royal.

The Whole House Was Packed

As Mike and Natalie left the entryway to venture into the rest of the home, Trish walked them into the living room, which was also crowded with some interesting furnishing choices. They included a seemingly decorative green ladder, a glowing garden gnome lamp on the floor, several raw wood slice clocks on the walls, and doilies aplenty. Michael called the whole thing snazzy, and his mom made sure to mention that, one day, he would be lucky enough to call it his own.

“This is all Michael’s,” she told Natalie. “He gets to inherit it. You get to take care of it.” Oh, and did she mention that the home is apparently a work in progress? Apparently, there’s more to come. “It’s getting there,” she responded when her son complimented her aesthetic choices.

Even the kitchen was kitschy. Atop the cabinets were all kinds of plates, bowls, and porcelain chickens watching over things. It seemed every flat surface in Trish’s house was covered in items she’d collected over the years or picked up at the local antique shop when she was just out for a day on the town. There were all kinds of things just crowding the surfaces… and then there were the pigs.

The Pigs Were Absolutely Everywhere

If you thought Brandon and Julia’s storyline was full of farm life, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. As Natalie glanced around her mother-in-law’s place, the camera gave the audience a glimpse at just what might have caught her eyes, and it was tons and tons of toy pigs.

“Yeah, these are all my piggies that I have,” Trish first introduced them. Though she’s only lived in this current house for about five years (meaning the displays are all pretty recent), she shared that she’s been collecting them since Mike was about 2 — so for the past 34 years or so. And if you want to know why pigs, well, Trish doesn’t have a good answer for you. “That’s just what I started to get,” was all she said on the show.

Unlike me watching at home, Natalie managed to keep her composure. In a confessional, she even found a nice thing to say about it all. Well, sort of.

“For me, I like the style more classical, sophisticated. But when I arrive at Trish’s house, I feel like a museum because her house is full of piggy banks. Impressive!” she said. “Yeah. Cool. Never seen like that.”

Me either, Natalie.

That Wasn’t Even The Weirdest Part

Believe it or not, the pigs pale in comparison to the piece of furniture Trish pointed out when she finally brought everyone back into the entryway. “I’m just gonna put your coat here… in the BABY CRIB,” she said with as much emphasis as I just wrote, pointing out an antique baby crib she bought just in case she ever has a grandchild that may or may not visit her house in Oklahoma.

Mike and Natalie both laughed it off — and then both took a minute to scratch their head, stare into the middle distance, and contemplate just what a shit show they would be in for if they decided to welcome a child into this world. Following the previous episode’s fight and resolution, I’m not feeling too hopeful about that idea, but I needed to share this screenshot because it was just too good.

The Bedroom Blew My Mind

It was the guest bedroom that was really the piece de resistance, however. After the trio sat down to share some chocolate on chocolate cake for Mike and mommy’s birthdays (and Mike blew all over the cake in a way that I wouldn’t have even noticed in February 2020 but absolutely gave me shivers in May 2021), Trish showed them to where they would be staying, and it was a doozy. While she had clearly decorated with Mike in mind, the bedroom was less comforting and more terrifying.

The space was stuffed with storage, shelves and shelves of piggies, wrought iron candelabras with bright red candles, and a sign that no married couple would want to look at from the bed they’re sharing with their partner. “Home means mom,” it read. “Mom means love.” Romantic!

For what it’s worth, though, Natalie handled it all better than I would have… and yet somehow worse than Mike expected. When he asked her what she thought of the house, all she said was, “What do I think about your mom’s pigs? … It’s a lot of pigs for one house. … Pretty crowded.”

Frankly, I thought that was a fairly measured response, but Mike was clearly frustrated, and when Natalie shared that she was going to get ready for bed and go to sleep, he complained in a confessional about her attitude.

If you ask me, though, he should’ve been thanking his lucky stars that that is all she said. Natalie may have been ready to hit the hay, but I know I won’t be peacefully closing my eyes again anytime soon. Those piggies are going to stay with me… and now, probably, with all of you.


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