Should Mike Or Natalie Have Apologized On '90 Day Fiancé'? Let's Analyze The Dinner From Hell

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Should Mike Or Natalie Have Apologized On '90 Day Fiancé'? Let's Analyze The Dinner From Hell

Let’s be clear: No one is ever fully in the right when it comes to Mike and Natalie’s fights on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, but there usually is someone who is more wrong. When the couple butted heads during the May 2 episode, it was because she brought up some ancient history while they were having dinner. Apparently, “a long time ago,” Mike had some friend that sent him her nudes, and Natalie decided that the perfect time to revisit that conversation was a) during his birthday dinner b) while they were discussing Natalie’s past lack of friendliness towards his pals.

The whole conversation quickly fell apart when Mike got up from the table, went up to his hotel room, packed his bags, and promptly decided to drive home, leaving Natalie to spend his birthday in their hotel room alone. The scene wasn’t resolved until the next morning (a full two weeks later for TLC audiences) when Natalie headed home from their Seattle hotel to confront Mike in Sequim. She asked him to apologize for leaving her alone, but he insisted that she was actually the one who should apologize to him.

And she did! But should she have?

The Build-Up

  • Mike was excited to see that Natalie set up a surprise for him.
  • They popped some bubbles.
  • Thanksgiving came up.
  • We were all reminded about how Trish tried to sabotage their marriage.
  • Things chilled out.
  • Natalie mentioned she was bored at home, and suggested they could spend more time in Nevada, where she could hopefully meet some of Mike's friends.
  • Mike made this face in return...
  • Mike said Natalie can come off "harsh."
  • Natalie said "Maybe they shouldn’t send naked pictures to you. Then I will be polite."

And scene.

For Mike, there was no coming back from that

As he rolled his eyes, his wife stared him down. But when it became clear that he wasn’t messing around — he threw back the rest of his champagne, which is a good indicator that he desperately needed a drink even if it didn’t foretell him leaving the table — she quickly tried to backtrack.

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