Fact Check: Are We Really Seeing A "Completely Different" Jovi On '90 Day'?

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Fact Check: Are We Really Seeing A "Completely Different" Jovi On '90 Day'?

A whole new Jovi introduced himself last night, but I’m not so sure version 2.0 is any better than the OG. When 90 Day Fiancé star Jovie and wife Yara finally made their Happily Ever After? debut, they introduced themselves and daughter Mylah to audiences at home and gave viewers a quick refresh on their story so far. Sharing clips from Season 8 of the reality franchise’s flagship series, he broke down how far they’d come.

“Before I met Yara, I had a completely different lifestyle. I traveled a lot, I went out a lot. It was fun, you know. I loved living that life, being able to see the world, being able to party whenever I wanted to party, but there comes a point in time when that has to change,” he shared.

In the confessional, he made sure to emphasize that he’s no longer the man he once was — or the man we met on Season 8 of the TLC show. “I enjoyed [that part of my life] while it lasted, but at the same time I’m kind of happy it’s over. I’m ready to move on to the next step,” he insisted.

Yara wasn’t buying it just yet (after all, as she pointed out, the coronavirus pandemic shutting down all the bars makes it hard to tell if Jovi was choosing not to go or if he simply didn’t have the opportunity to go), but he insisted that he was happy to leave behind his life of partying and that his metamorphosis could fully be attributed to becoming a dad. But how much has he actually changed? I decided to do a little fact check on Jovi’s progress, and his statement is just not passing my bullshit detector.

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