Did Natalie Just Reveal Mike’s Mom Is To Blame For Her Failed '90 Day' Wedding?

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Did Natalie Just Reveal Mike’s Mom Is To Blame For Her Failed '90 Day' Wedding?

You might not have noticed it, because Natalie snuck it in pretty casually, but the reality star shared a major reveal on the new Happily Ever After? episode that answered a question we have been wondering for a while. According to Natalie, Mike's mom is the reason he called off his and Natalie's wedding. It was a blink and you’ll miss it moment — but the fact of the matter is that neither half of the couple had actually ever confirmed what went wrong on their initial wedding day. They’d talked around the issue and let the audiences draw their own conclusions, but they’d never come out and said it.

While it wasn’t a stretch to think Mike’s mom Trish was involved, especially in light of what came out at the reunion, it wasn’t quite the conclusion I’d come to. I thought she asked Mike’s neighbor to step in and object because she knew he didn’t really want to go through with things after cancelling the wedding the first time. Instead, it seems he had been ready to commit — but his mom was the one who got in the way. So how did the family get to that point? Let’s take a look back at Trish’s involvement during their storyline.

At first, Trish seemed content to let the couple do their thing

While she seemed to be able to tell as clearly as the audience could that Mike and Natalie had a doomed relationship (although that actually seems to be up in the air considering the recent rumors and social media sightings), she was ready to let them figure it out for themselves. When Trish met the engaged couple out for dinner, Natalie actually thought she had found an ally in her future in-law. Despite privately expressing her doubts in confessionals, Trish advised that they set a date so that they could move forward with their wedding planning.

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