The Definitive 'You' Season 2 Recap

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The Definitive 'You' Season 2 Recap

Of all the stalkers in all the world, it had to be Joe and Love. The lovers/accomplices were truly destined to be together, but don't let their domestic ideal in You Season 3 fool you, after everything they've done, they don't deserve to live happily ever after. Allow me to lay out all their past sins — aka give you the recap of You Season 2.

It feels inevitable that Joe and Love would get to where they are in Season 3, living in the suburbs of Northern California with their newborn son, both desperate to give him the stable home life they never had. Which would be great if the two weren't murderers with a shared body count inching into the double digits. But looking back on their love story, it seems pretty obvious that their marital bliss won't last long, if only because these two crazy kids haven't gone one month of their relationship without murdering someone. Don't remember? Here's what you need to know about Joe and Love before you dive into Season 3.

The Meet Cute

Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

After killing Beck (and her boyfriend, and her best friend) and framing her therapist for the crime, Joe started Season 2 by heading to Los Angeles to start a new life with a brand new obsession: Love. To pursue this relationship he had to do a few things:

  • Assume a fake identity. In this case, he became Will Bettelheim, who IRL was a sort of weak, mild-mannered guy who was happy to live in Joe's creepy glass case of emotion as Joe lived out his life.
  • Get a job and an apartment. First things first, Joe (as Will) got an apartment that coincidentally had a straight view into Love's living room (with the help of a telescope, of course). Then, he got a job working at Anarvin, the health food/book store that Love, a chef, runs.

Joe meets Love at Anarvin. Or, more accurately, he pretends to meet her — he'd been stalking her for weeks at that point. Just like he planned, she falls for his charms, the two start dating, and then, things get complicated.

The Setbacks

Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Joe had many obstacles to overcome in his relationship with Love. But these are the biggies:

Will Bettelheim

First, he had to deal with the real Will Bettelheim's loan shark who threatened to kill Joe. And by "deal with" I mean murder. In a strange turn of events, Joe ended up bonding with Will and, once he was convinced that Will wouldn't turn Joe in, he let him escape to the Philippines.

Forty & Candace

The biggest bump in the road for Love and Joe was Forty, Love's very needy twin brother. A trust fund baby with dreams of being a screenwriter and a substance abuse problem, Forty is immediately skeptical of Joe.

Slowly, but surely, Forty and Joe become friends, or at least, they're on their way when a Forty starts dating "Amy Adam," who is actually Candace, Joe's first obsession. Joe thought he had killed her and buried her in the woods, but — surprise — she's alive, and she's going after Joe.

Candace gives Forty Beck's book, which he decides to turn into a movie with Joe's help. But, her plans get derailed when Love, who is suspicious of any woman in Forty's life, hires a private investigator to look into her. Candace tells Love the truth about Joe, but Love just pushes her away and literally pays her to disappear again.

Delilah, Ellie, & Henderson

Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Candace may be gone, but Love and Joe are also done. They break up, which gives Joe plenty of time to devote to his neighbors, Delilah and her little sister Ellie. Ellie is a wannabe filmmaker who gets an internship with a comedian named Henderson. Henderson, who happens to be a former friend of Forty's, is, it turns out, a total creep who has a habit of drugging and raping underage girls. And when Delilah confides in Joe that he did it to her, he swears to protect Ellie.

Naturally, this all ends with Joe tying Henderson up in his basement and getting him to admit what he did on camera. He gets the confession, but Henderson accidentally falls down the stairs, hits his head (while tied up), and dies. So, he stages the crime scene to look like a suicide.

It's not easy to get away with murder, though, and the police begin to be suspicious of Joe and Henderson, specifically a cop who had a thing with Delilah, who Joe is now sleeping with. When this cop arrests Delilah and Joe for having sex in an alley, he warns Delilah about Joe, and peaks her curiosity enough to have her snoop around. This leads her straight to Joe's creepy cage, which Joe then promptly locks her in. Yikes.

To recap:

  • Joe kills a loan shark to protect his new identity.
  • Candace, the ex Joe thought he murdered, is alive and she starts dating Forty, Love's twin brother, to torment Joe.
  • Candace gives Forty Beck's book and tells Love about their past relationship.
  • Joe and Love break up.
  • Joe kills a stand up comedian to protect Delilah and Ellie, but the police are onto him.
  • Delilah looks into Joe and finds his glass cage, so he locks her up in it.

The Twist

Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Determined not to kill an innocent woman, Joe tells Delilah that he'll let her go as soon as he gathers his stuff and figures out a plan to leave LA and disappear. As he's getting his things together, Forty kidnaps him to force him to work on their adaptation of Beck's book. Not only is Joe stuck, he's also drugged without his knowledge, and when he wakes up after his trip, he's in his cage, covered in Delilah's blood.

Finding Joe in the cage with Delilah's dead body, Candace locks him in and goes for help, when she runs into Love. She tells Love that Joe is a murderer who killed Beck and will kill her to, but instead of help Candace, Love kills her instead. She knows who Joe is, and she doesn't care.

It turns out, Love herself isn't so innocent. As she tells Joe, she killed a nanny who sexually abused Forty when they were children — and then let Forty believe that he had been the one who killed her so that their rich parents would cover it up. She's also been stalking Joe this entire time, and she killed Delilah to keep Joe's secret and keep him in L.A. And now, she's killed Candace to protect them.

Joe wants to kill Love for what she's done, but — dun dun dun — she's pregnant! And he's the father — or so she says. So, no killing for Joe... this time.

The Ending

Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

So, Love is pregnant and Joe is (supposedly) the father, and the two are committed to trying to raise a little murder baby. There's just one problem: thanks to Candace's meddling before she died, Forty knows the truth about Joe. High and armed with a gun, he confronts Joe at Anavrin, and is shocked when Love tries to defend him. Joe is ready for Forty to pull the trigger, but Delilah's police friend beats him to it, and he kills Forty on the spot.

And then there's Ellie, Delilah's little sister. She doesn't really know what happened, but she has a decent idea. Afraid that Love might kill Ellie too, Joe gives her money and tells her to leave LA. He promises to send her money whenever he can.

Finally, the season ends with a bit of a flash forward. Joe and Love are living in the suburbs, married and ready to welcome their child any day now. But Joe is feeling trapped in domesticity already, and that's when his next door neighbor catches his eye...

You Season 3 premieres on Netflix Oct. 15


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