For Everyone Who Thought Joe's Baby In 'You' Was A Girl...

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For Everyone Who Thought Joe's Baby In 'You' Was A Girl...

When Joe Goldberg announced the arrival of baby boy Henry in the You Season 3 teaser, it was a head-scratcher. Not because the name Henry is so normal considering his parents are serial killers and his mom's name is Love, but because at the end of Season 2, both we all thought Joe's baby in You was a girl. In fact, they said so — multiple times.

When Love spilled the beans that she was pregnant with Joe's baby (allegedly) in the Season 2 finale, she referred to the unborn child as "she," telling Joe it was "just a feeling" she had. Months later, when Love and Joe are moving into their new home in the suburbs, he again refers to his child as a girl, saying, "I'm ready to meet my daughter." By that time, Love was definitely far enough along that she could have confirmed the sex with a doctor, so it definitely seems like the baby was supposed to be a girl at that point.

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But, just because the baby is now confirmed to be a boy in Season 3 doesn't mean that the You writers got it wrong or that it's a goof, as suggested by some fans online. Think about it logically. Love was so sure she was carrying a girl so early on, it's possible she didn't feel she needed confirmation from a doctor throughout her pregnancy. This is Love we're talking about — the L.A. girl who believes in wellness retreats and new-age remedies. Do we really think she'd take a doctor's word over her own intuition? I'm gonna go ahead and say no, if anything, Love performed some kind of old wive's tale ritual to determine the sex of her baby and called it a night. Either that, or the ultrasound was wrong (it happens, guys).

Either way, You showrunner Sera Gamble promised that all questions about the baby's sex would be answered in Season 3 when she addressed the alleged "goof" on Twitter. "Oops! Our bad," she joked, adding, "Just kidding, all will be explained October 15th."

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Until we get our answers, maybe we should stop asking why/how the baby is a boy after Love and Joe were so sure it was a girl, and start asking if we think Joe having a boy is better than him having a girl? Obviously, Joe is a sexist narcissist psychopath who targets women, so him having a daughter would be both interesting and terrifying. That said, it's not like he particularly likes men either, so his son probably won't be much better off.

Boy or girl, I just hope Joe doesn't turn this new nugget into a little murder baby. There's only so much family serial killing I can take.


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