6 Burning Questions The 'You'-niverse Still Needs To Answer
The third season of Netflix's You ended in a fiery blaze, with Joe murdering his wife Love, framing her for a whole bunch of crimes (some of which she did), and skipping town to avoid further consequences for his actions.
Kaitlin Reilly
This Is What Happens to Joe's Love Interest In The Third Book In the 'You' Series
Joe Goldberg's love interests rarely survive a relationship with him, yet in the third season of You, his latest girlfriend (girlfriend?
Kaitlin Reilly
Is It Normal To Always Fall In Love With The Toxic Male Lead?
There's nothing like the blissful escape of living in a fantasy, and when we obsess over a fictional television show and its characters, it oftentimes provides the excitement and the comfort some of us need when, say, we aren’t satisfied with our…
Kara Turner
These 'You' Season 4 Theories Hint At What Could Happen To Joe Next
Prepare for lots of Proust and Dumas references when You returns for Season 4, because Joe is officially in Paris (for now at least).
Sabienna Bowman
I Need 'You' To Release The Joe & Love-Inspired K-Pop Song
Of the many bonkers things that happen in You, there's just one I cannot stop thinking about.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Joe's Backstory On 'You,' Explained
Season 3 of You introduced us to a very different Joe Goldberg.
Kaitlin Reilly
Theo's Fate On 'You' Was The Least Depressing Plot Of The Season
Despite vowing to dedicate their lives to each other between Season 2 and 3 of You, Joe and Love are anything but faithful to the other.
Kaitlin Reilly
Is Joe's Mom Alive? The Surprising Truth About This 'You' Character
You's Joe Goldberg has plenty of struggle when it comes to how he expresses and accepts love.
Kaitlin Reilly
6 People Who Have Survived Joe's Cage On 'You'
Spoiler alert: This post contains plot points for all three seasons of You on Netflix.
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We Finally Get The Real Story As To How Love's First Husband Died
If you watched Season 2 of You and thought that Love Quinn was just a normal gal who loved to bake and was still mourning the death of her late husband, you were probably shocked to find out that was very much.
Kaitlin Reilly