How Many People Has Joe Killed On 'You'? His Body Count Is... Impressive

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How Many People Has Joe Killed On 'You'? His Body Count Is... Impressive

You Season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix October 15, almost two whole years since Season 2 was released. And while normally, I'd go for a quick recap of the first two seasons, there isn't really any better way to refresh your memory on this show than to take a look back at everyone Joe has killed on You. After all, there's really no You recap without a body count!

Joe has killed many, many people. So many people, in fact, that I have completely lost track. Sure, there are the biggies: Beck, Peach, Henderson (who deserved it). But others, I just forgot. And that's not even mentioning all the times Joe didn't pull the trigger, but was definitely responsible for. So, here's an official tally to get you up to date and ready for You Season 3.

Season 1

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

In Season 1, every life Joe took was for Beck, the blonde aspiring writer who had the misfortune of becoming the object of Joe's affections.


Joe killed Benji, Beck's asshole boyfriend, in Season 1, by giving him peanut oil-laced coffee and sending him into anaphylactic shock. Brutal, genius. A truly A+ murder.


Glorious, beautiful, rich Peach was another death on the road to Beck. Joe originally tried to kill her while running in Central Park, hitting her on the head with a heavy rock, but he failed. It wasn't until later, when he thought Peach was onto him — stalkers recognize stalkers — that he killed her with her own gun. (To be fair to him, I guess, she would have probably used it on him. Then again, he did breaking into her house and try to murder her, so, fair is fair.) He staged her death to look like a suicide, which was very cold, but clever.


Joe has two kinds of victims: those that stand in between him and the object of his obsession (Benji, Peach), and those who physically hurt the ones he cares about, like Ron. The abusive boyfriend of Joe's single mom next door neighbor, Ron finally met his maker after a particularly bad beating of his girlfriend threatened her son, Paco.


Finally, there was Beck. The woman Joe "loved" didn't want to stick around after finding the creepy stalker box he hid in his bathroom — go figure — so he killed her instead. This became a literal "kill two birds with one stone" situation when he buried Beck's body in the backyard of her therapist, framing him and ensuring that he could never ID Joe as the real killer.

Body Count: 4

Season 2

Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Joe left New York for Southern California in Season 2 with at least four dead bodies in his rearview. And it wasn't long before he started adding to his body count. This time, he didn't kill for Beck, but for Love, his new obsession who ended up being just as obsessed with him.


Jasper was just your average loanshark looking for the actual Will Bettelheim (the identity Joe assumed upon his arrival in SoCal), and instead he found Joe, a serial killer. Joe killed Jasper when he couldn't pay back real Will's loan, and he got rid of the body using Love's meat grinder. Just your average early relationship stuff.


Like Ron from Season 1, Henderson met his end after he drugged Joe's neighbor, Ellie, and Joe realized that he had been serially abusing underage girls. Joe didn't intend to kill Henderson, he just wanted to get Henderson to confess to what he's done. But, the best laid plans, etc., etc. Joe tried to stage it as a suicide, à la Peach, but he wasn't as successful this time.


Joe didn't technically kill Delilah, Ellie's older sister, but he did trap her in his glass cage, which directly led to her death. Love killed Delilah to make sure she couldn't turn Joe into the police, so he was indirectly responsible. At the very least, he's an accessory to Delilah's murder and maybe a co-conspirator after the fact, since he helped Love get away with it.


Joe thought that he had killed Candace, his first "love," years ago, back when he was but a baby serial killer, but he failed. In Season 2, she returned to warn Love about Joe, but Love killed her to protect him. Again, Joe didn't actually do the deed, but he did aid and abet.


Forty's death was surprisingly not a Joe or Love murder, but is definitely still worth mentioning. Forty was shot by a police officer when he confronted Joe about being dangerous. Forty was unwell and erratic, and he died, in part, because he was waving a gun around in public, but still, it really all leads back to Joe.

Body Count: 5


Image: Beth Dubber/Netflix

There's a lot we don't know about young Joe. Was Candace really his first lover-turned-victim? Did he ever kill people with his mentor/tormentor, Mr. Mooney? Over the course of the first two seasons, we've learned that Joe killed his abusive dad when he was young, and he killed Elijah, the guy Candace cheated on him with.

There's some time between Candace's murder and Joe's obsession with Beck that remains unaccounted for, and thus suspect AF. Could there be more bodies we don't know about?

Body Count: 2

Going into Season 3, Joe and Love are married, so assuming they're doing the whole "what's yours is mine" thing, that means that Joe has just inherited another murder (in addition to Delilah and Candace), Love's au pair. (Not to mention the theory that Love killed her first husband...).

Final Body Count: 12

Just FYI, that's four times the amount of bodies necessary to be declared a serial killer. I pray for whoever ends up in Joe's path next.


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