All The Times 'You' Season 3 Foreshadowed That Shocking Ending

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All The Times 'You' Season 3 Foreshadowed That Shocking Ending

You Season 3 has one wild ending, but could anyone have actually seen it coming? For the most part, the new season mostly tossed author Caroline Kepnes' third Joe Goldberg novel, You Love Me, right out of the window, so fans of the books didn't have much of an advantage over show-only viewers. Meanwhile, the actual ending involved botany (not exactly a major plot point in Season 3) and a last-minute double-cross that took more than a little bit of luck for Joe to orchestrate.

And yet, there were moments that foreshadowed Joe and Love's final showdown, as well as the Conrads' surprising escape and Henry's happy ending. Looking back on the season, you can definitely see the writers carefully planting a trail of breadcrumbs leading to Joe's great escape from his suburban prison. But if you're still scratching your head over that whole wolf's bane situation, don't worry, there were definitely more important things going on than Love's gardening hobby. Still, the clues were there — and chances are, viewers will notice them right away on a second viewing (and yes, this season really does deserve an immediate rewatch).

For now, check out all of the times You foreshadowed Love's tragic ending — and all of those other last minute twists — below.

Love's Gardening Wasn't About Fitting Into Suburbia After All

Season 3 didn't devote much time to the whole Love has a side interest in gardening subplot, but in episode eight, Joe is seen glancing at her raised beds with just enough interest for it to be noticeable (to the viewers at least). In retrospect, the moment feels even more momentous since it came just one episode after Dottie revealed her belief that Love killed her first husband, James, and made it look like he died from cancer. Between Dottie's suspicions and Love's background as a chef (who would no doubt know quite a lot about plants and herbs), it makes sense Joe decided to check out what she was growing in her garden.

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