'You' Season 4 Is Coming For Us

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'You' Season 4 Is Coming For Us

Nothing can stop Joe Goldberg from murdering, and, frankly, why would you want to? Ahead of the You Season 3 premiere, Netflix announced on Wednesday, Oct. 13 that You has been renewed for a Season 4. And, as Joe would say, it's a special gift just... "4 You."

There's no word yet on when fans can expect a Season 4, but the fact that it's being announced this early hopefully means we won't have to wait years like we did for Season 3. (That, plus the fact that Season 3 was filmed entirely in a global pandemic, which I'm hoping means their production team is ready for anything.)

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As for what could possibly happen in Season 4, we'll have to watch Season 3 first, but based on this teaser, I'm guessing we're going to be getting a few new "You"s for Joe to obsess over. Unfortunately, there aren't too many clues hidden in the Season 4 announcement — it's made up of footage from Seasons 1 and 2, but what is included is telling.

Just some quick You Season 4 theories based on this teaser:

  • Joe is going back to New York. The clip opens on a bird's eye view of New York City, which could mean that Joe is heading back East for Season 4.
  • Joe's past crimes will catch up to him. Why focus so much of the teaser on Joe's love affair with Beck and his murder of her BFF Peach if he's really gotten away with those crimes? (Maybe it's time that jar of Joe's urine left in Peach's house to come into play again...)
  • It's a total misdirect. This theory isn't exactly based on the teaser, but in a press release announcing the news, You showrunner Sera Gamble said that the writers were "excited to explore new, dark facets of love in Season 4." Could Joe die in Season 3, leaving Love as the new obsessive lead in Season 4?

I'm DYING to know.


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