Madison LeCroy's Seizure News May Change A Lot On 'Winter House'

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Madison LeCroy's Seizure News May Change A Lot On 'Winter House'

Despite being over a thousand miles away from Stowe, Vt., Madison Lecroy is still a presence in Austen Kroll's life on Winter House. And on Wednesday, Austen had to face his past girlfriend after Madison reportedly suffered a seizure and contacted Austen after the situation occurred.

For the uninitiated, Austen and Madison dated on the show Southern Charm and it was a catastrophe. Beginning, middle, and end, you'll be hard pressed to find one episode where all is well between the two. (It culminated in Madison calling Austen a "beta bitch" during the finale of Southern Charm and Craig accusing Madison of having some type of relationship with A. Rod while he was engaged to J. Lo.) Like I said, a complete catastrophe. So it was music to my Bravo-obsessed ears to hear on Winter House that Austen had Madison blocked on his phone and that these two are no longer in any form of communication. (I hope she too has lost his number, as well.)

That all changed on Wednesday night's episode of Winter House when Austen found out from someone that Madison was in the hospital, though. According to Austen's retelling of the story to Craig, Austen had to unblock Madison's number and found that he had messages from her where she said she went to the hospital, but said, and I quote, "I've only just wanted to talk to you."

Cue the groan heard around the country.

However, the situation seemed to be more serious than just an ex trying to get the attention of another. Austen said on the episode that he asked her what happened and Madison shared, "I had a seizure when I was cooking for Hudson," her son. "I passed out on the floor and Hudson called the f***ing ambulance."

Now, there's nothing online from Madison about experiencing a seizure while Winter House was filming in late February/early March 2021, so we only have Austen's side of the story. Madison posted a photo of her son on Feb. 28 and didn't post another photo until a vacation in the Bahamas on March 19.

Luckily, Madison told Austen she was OK, which seemed to piss off Austen even more because he had been doing (?) so (?) well (?) without (?) Madison (?) in (?) his (?) life (?) and (?) this (?) just (?) ruined (?) it (?). Cheers to progress.

For his part as the Greek chorus of the season, Craig took Madison's side in reaching out to Austen — HA, just kidding. Can you imagine Craig defending Madison? His mortal enemy? Nah, Craig said, "Austen was finally getting over Madison, and somehow this evil sorcerer — she will never let him go." Yes, that seems much more like it.

The cherry on top is that Madison supposedly texted Austen and said, "Please tell me that you haven't moved on," despite her very clearly moving on, too. The woman is currently engaged to a man named Brett (that's it, that's his name) and seems to have left Austen in her rearview mirror.

Will this change everything for Austen and Ciara? It does seem like him talking to Madison will force the two Vermont snow bunnies to have a tough conversation about where they go after Winter House. (And we already know Austen is a little... touchy on the topic.) Plus, at the end of the day, these two didn't date for very long anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter at all!

Thankfully, Madison is OK. Hopefully, they both have reblocked each other's numbers for good. And expectantly, this will not be the end of this saga.

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