Are Austen Kroll & Ciara Miller Still Together After 'Winter House'?

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Are Austen Kroll & Ciara Miller Still Together After 'Winter House'?

Paige DeSorbo said it best when she questioned in the Winter House promo, "Hold on, let me get this right, three girls fighting over Austen Kroll? I'm just confused." We're all confused, and yet here we are... three weeks into Winter House and so far Austen's had one expression of love from Lindsay and one major crush from Ciara, the latter whom he genuinely seems interested in. (Tough vacation for Hub House so far, who was told she was loved, "like a sister.")

Based on how things are going, you may be wondering if Austen and Ciara are still together. The two, as far as we've seen, have been getting along swimmingly — that's a hot tub joke — without any drama or interruptions — that's a Lindsay joke — and weirdly seem kind of good together. Again, it's "confusing," to use Paige's word, because this is Austen "Beta Bitch" Kroll we're talking about, but the heart wants what it wants! And in snowy Vermont, it apparently wants a 6' 4" beer-fueled ex-frat boy to keep warm.

But given that we've hit another cold front in the weather, are Austen and Ciara keeping each other warm still? Let's explore...

Yes: They both attended Kyle and Amanda's wedding

No: They didn't post any photos together

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Images: @krollthewarriorking

Is posting a photo together the end all be all of proving you're together? Probably not — although, I ask the same question to Paige and Craig. The fact that they both probably were invited on their own (versus one of them being the other's plus one) doesn't help solve the mystery any less. Austen posting a photo with his "sister" Lindsay, also confuses things.

Yes: Austen spent time in the Hamptons this summer...

No: ... For Lindsay's birthday

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Expect to see both Ciara and Lindsay on Summer House next year (filmed this past summer), but don't expect Austen to be there for Ciara. Despite spending time at the Hamptons getaway during filming, it appears as Austen was there for Lindsay's birthday party. Meanwhile, do expect Craig to make appearances on Summer House due to his relationship with Paige.

Yes: Austen consistently chose Ciara in this WWHL game

No: But didn't seem to be particularly jazzed about either option

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While Ciara was the clear winner in Andy Cohen's little game, Austen made things extra awkward by constantly choosing Ciara with Lindsay in the audience. Turns out, the pair of friends unfollowed each other soon after this episode aired, according to Screenrant.

And this, my friends, is where things take... a turn.

No: Ciara is partnering with the dating app Bumble

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Maybe you don't have to be single to be a Bumble Partner, but it certainly seems like it would help with promoting, right?

No: They both denied they're together

In April 2021, after filming Winter House, Ciara told Entertainment Tonight that she and Austen were not together. "No, we're not dating... I thought it was funny, but I'm not mat at it. He's cute." For his part, Austen told E! in October that he was "single and dating."

Could we have led with that? Sure! But the man is the most sought after Winter House cast member, so what's the harm in having to work for it!

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