Why Do Women Love Austen Kroll?

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Why Do Women Love Austen Kroll?

On Thursday October 14, Craig Conover got the best news of his life when Madison LeCroy announced she's engaged to a man who is not Austen Kroll. Madison (Madison!) and Austen pretty much ended things in late 2020 and now, quite evidently, they've both moved on. Madison is with fiancé Brett and judging from the Winter House trailer, Austen is doing just fine; at the time of filming in February, he had three women, including Madison, after him.

Thank God Winter House premieres next week. The new series, which features the stars of Summer House and Southern Charm alongside some brand-new players from central casting, promises to answer many Bravo-universe questions that have been keeping me up at night. Like: When exactly did Paige DeSorbo and Craig get together? Why does Kyle Cooke always make Amanda Batula cry, and can he stop doing that? And also: Who has to clean up the champagne when these people spray it all over their Vermont rental house?

One mystery I’m not sure I’ll ever solve, however, is why so many women have apparently fallen in love with Austen Kroll.

If the series trailer is any indication, the 34-year-old beer salesman and current Charleston resident appears to be the prince of Winter House. During the course of 17 days of filming, it seems that three separate women professed their love for this man, including Ciara Miller, a beautiful nurse; Lindsay Hubbard, a beautiful PR boss; and, yes, Madison, a beautiful hairstylist who is not even on Winter House but previously dated Austen and maybe also Alex Rodriguez. I’m sorry, but: What!!!

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