LOL, Madison LeCroy's Response To The A Rod, J. Lo Split

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LOL, Madison LeCroy's Response To The A Rod, J. Lo Split

I said it in the headline and I'll say it again: LOL, Madison LeCroy's response to the Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez split. When Page Six reached out to the Southern Charm cast member for comment regarding the A-team's break up, Madison said, and I quote, "I wish them the best."

It's gotta be a real pinch-me moment for the whole Southern Charm fam. Not only was one of their own tangled up in rumors about an alleged affair with one half of one of the world's most powerful power couples, but they came out on top.

Madison took the high, if not just a touch ironic, road with a simple, elegant, and above-it-all "I wish them the best." Which, it was either that, or, you know, no comment. But she went for it. You gotta respect the decision to be like, "Yes, I'm going to weigh in here."

Madison told Page Six in February that she never had a physical relationship with A Rod; she said they've only talked on the phone and FaceTimed. A source claimed to Page Six last month that J. Lo was so "embarrassed" by the Madison scandal, that it was ultimately the reason they broke up.

And I personally was embarrassed by the Season 7 Southern Charm reunion, so J. Lo isn't the only one hurting here.

A tip of the hat to Madison and her response. I swear to god, please let us see Austen Kroll's response to all of this on Winter House.


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Image: MadisonLeCroy/Instagram

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